Watchdog Applauds Anti-Corruption Protestors for Clean Assembly

(Photo by Kristine Sabillo, PDI)

The EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution
watchdog, lauded every Juan and Juana de la Cruz who went to Luneta yesterday
to denounce the anomalous pork barrel system for leaving the park unsoiled.

“We commend the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos for manifesting their anger
over corruption without sullying the historic park with garbage. We have proven
that we can be downright angry at pork barrel abuse,  but disciplined and
environmentally-responsible,” said Aileen Lucero, Acting National Coordinator,
EcoWaste Coalition.

“Despite being ‘leaderless,’ Monday’s anti-pork barrel rally positively set a
benchmark against which to measure future public events in Luneta and other
outdoor venues,” she pointed out.

“Kudos to the participants for determinedly exercising their right to protest
and be heard in a manner that did not pollute and ruin the surroundings,” she

The group, along with the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC), had
earlier appealed to the protestors to respect the “no smoking, no littering”
policy of Rizal Park, Manila’s green lung and premier open space.

NPDC Director Juliet Villegas, media commentators and netizens had noted that
yesterday’s rally was comparatively “clean.”

“Thumbs up to protestors who avoided creating waste, took their discards home
or picked up after some litterbugs,” Lucero said.

“We also would like to recognize and thank the itinerant waste pickers,
eco-volunteers and street sweepers deployed by the NPDC, the Department of Public
Services of the City of Manila and the Metro Manila Development Authority for
their help in keeping the park garbage-free,” she added.

The EcoWaste Coalition further cited the “Million People March” in Luneta as “eco-friendly”
for not doing the following acts that create wastes and toxins or damage trees
and properties.

– no hanging of banners on trees
– no throwing of confetti
– no blasting of firecrackers or fireworks
– no burning of effigies
– no burning of trash

– no vandalism