September 13 Protestors Urged to Repeat Eco-Friendly August 26 Luneta Rally

(Image courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer)

Participants of tomorrow’s “Forward March #Abolishpork” rally in Luneta were
reminded today by an environmental watchdog to keep the iconic park clean, safe and

The  EcoWaste Coalition appealed to the
rallyists from various groups and sectors to try their best to repeat the
eco-friendly “Million People March” last August 26 in Rizal Park that reaped
praises from park authorities, netizens and  advocates for zero waste and environmental

“The September 13 rally should at least replicate, if not surpass, the record
set by the August 26 rally in terms of keeping Luneta and its environs free of
trash,” said Aileen Lucero, National Coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition.

The group had earlier commented that the August 26 anti-pork barrel rally set an
environmental benchmark against which to measure future public events in Luneta
and places.

“As we salute our fellow citizens for their resolute stance to rid corruption,
we request them to be always mindful of the environmental impacts of their
actions.  Our rage against the stomach-turning
pork barrel anomalies should not leave the hallowed grounds of Luneta in a
mess,” Lucero stated.

“Let a clean Luneta mirrors the clean government that we all have been longing for,”
she said.   

Towards an eco-friendly rally, the group invited everyone to be heedful of the following

1.  Do not drop, dump or burn trash; do
place your discards into the proper bins and recycle as much as you can.

2.  Respect the people’s right to breathe
clean air and abide by Luneta’s “no smoking” policy.

3.  Do not set off firecrackers or set
effigies and props on fire creating toxins invisible to the naked eye.

4.  Hold or put your banners on poles not
on plants and trees

5.  Refrain from engaging in any acts of vandalism

The EcoWaste Coalition further suggested that people who will be coming in
groups, such as those from churches, schools and organized sectors, designate point
persons to remind their members not to litter and be
environmentally-responsible in venting their anger at government corruption.