How to Say “Thank You” to Your Mom on Mother’s Day Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

There is no stopping us from celebrating Mother’s Day!

With a little bit of adjustment, we can still mark this special occasion in a time of physical distancing and stay-at-home directive to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

In fact, the gush of coronavirus cases is all the more reason to show appreciation and express gratitude to the people dearest to us, especially our mothers, albeit in a cautious manner as required by the health emergency, says the non-profit group EcoWaste Coalition.

To mark the occasion amid the enhanced community quarantine, the group has come up with  some ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day in a simple yet memorable way.

Take your pick (or create your own combo):

1. Thank your mother in person or via text or social media for feeding you with her breast milk, a waste-free superfood with antiviral properties.

2.  Get her a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables to boost your mother’s immune system during the contagion.

3.  Cook her favorite home-made dish or serve her COVID-19 relief goods prepared with a twist.

4.  Offer her thirst-quenching drinks to beat the intense summer heat (for example: coconut water, juiced cucumber, blended fruits), or maybe a special halo-halo.

5.  Give her a break from distressing pandemic news: with your own hands pamper her with a soothing massage.

6.  Tell her you’re quitting smoking as second and third hand smoke is bad for her health (and, of course, your own health).

7.  Replenish her maintenance medications.

8.  If  your mother finds it hard to keep a balanced diet, ask your doctor for suitable supplements that you can get and give to her.

9.  Surprise her with a video greeting or online chat with your father, siblings and their children, especially from those who live afar or who cannot travel due to the stay-at-home order.

10.  If you have money to spare, give her some cash to keep or to spend after the quarantine period.

11.  Consider giving her a gift that requires no wasteful wrapping paper.

12.  Think of other unique ways of expressing your gratitude, love and connectedness with her despite the physical distancing.

Above all else, spend time with your mother in whatever way possible during the pandemic to assure her she is not alone and that we are in this crisis together, which soon will pass, suggests the EcoWaste Coalition.