How to Say “Thank You” to Frontliners in the Time of Coronavirus

As many cities and municipalities are placed under strict quarantine amid threats posed by the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), an environmental health group has cited ways as to how the general public can show their appreciation to healers, carers and others on the frontline of the battle against the virus.

“We can show our grateful appreciation to all the COVID-19 frontliners by taking personal and collective steps that will prevent the further spread of the coronavirus and keep our families and communities safe from the disease,” said Aileen Lucero, National Coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition.

“Taking preventive steps to protect ourselves and others from being exposed to this virus will help in controlling the number of people requiring extraordinary medical care, and this is the best way through which we can support and say ‘thank you’ to the heroes of the unfolding public health crisis, especially the doctors, nurses and other hospital workers,” she emphasized.

“Taking the necessary steps to stay safe from the virus will surely help the healthcare system from further overburdening and straining itself,” she said.

“We also would like to offer our special thanks to workers managing the waste in healthcare facilities, ensuring that the infectious fraction of such waste is safely treated and disposed of,“ she added.

Specifically, the EcoWaste Coalition cited top 10 ways of expressing our thanks and appreciation to the COVID-19 frontliners:

  1. Stay home and follow the community quarantine rules.
  2. Clean your hands often, practice good respiratory hygiene and maintain safe distancing.
  3. Keep yourself safe from being ill, especially from ailments that will require hospital consultation and admission.
  4. Do not hoard essential medical and non-medical supplies.
  5. Be judicious in buying surgical masks and N95 respirators to prevent shortage.
  6. Discard used face masks properly.
  7. Practice ecological waste management at home and workplace.
  8. Use and store home disinfectants with utmost care; do not decant bleach into other containers to avoid chemical poisoning, especially among young children
  9. Be vigilant against misinformation.
  10. Last but not the least, say a little prayer for the safety of the frontliners and their loved ones at home

Aside from thanking doctors, nurses and other hospital workers on the forefront, the EcoWaste Coalition also invited the public to thank other COVID-19 frontliners for services being rendered to our communities, including the:

  • Local government and barangay officials and workers implementing the quarantine guidelines;
  • Law enforcers managing the health/check points;
  • Immigration officers supervising the air and sea ports;
  • Disinfectors, street cleaners and garbage collectors;
  • Farmers, fishers and truckers who keep the food supply flowing;
  • Public and private employees and volunteers preparing, packing and distributing food packs;
  • Suppliers, distributors and deliverers of food, water, medicines and other essential commodities;
  • Employees of key public utilities and financial services; and
  • Members of the media who keep the public informed about the epidemic.

“We recognize and thank all frontliners for their indispensable services to our communities as we lean on each other to win our nation’s fight against the coronavirus. Thank you for risking your lives, for strengthening our faith, and for giving us light and hope in these troubled times. Together as one people, we shall overcome,” said Lucero.

While we are in the thick of the COVID-19 crisis, the EcoWaste Coalition urged everyone to manifest our solidarity with one another by performing voluntary acts of compassion and kindness, including supporting programs and projects benefiting the frontliners and others whose jobs and livelihoods have been disrupted by the pandemic, notably the poor, daily wage and informal workers.