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EcoWaste Coalition Urges SEA Games Spectators to Keep Venues Waste-Free

29 November 2019, Quezon City. As the 30th Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) is officially inaugurated tomorrow at the Philippine Arena, a waste and pollution watchdog group reminded spectators to keep the venues of the multi-sport regional event waste-free.

The EcoWaste Coalition appealed for public cooperation to ensure that the sports venues and their vicinities will not be sullied by litter and filth that is often a common problem in big gatherings.

“As the host country for the biennial sporting event, let us show our esteemed guests and our own people that we care for our environment,” said Jove Benosa, Zero Waste Campaigner, EcoWaste Coalition.

“Not leaving any trash at the sports venues is a simple act that we can do to make the SEAG an eco-friendly experience for competitors and spectators alike,” he said.

“We urge everyone to be mindful of the ecological waste management system that should be in place in all the sports venues in Clark, Subic, Metro Manila and other places. Please put your discards in the segregated waste bins,” he said.

To reduce the generation of garbage in the sports venues, the EcoWaste Coalition urged the public to heed the following 10-point waste prevention tips.

Tip 1: Don’t bring in food and beverage to the venue if not permitted.

Tip 2: If allowed, bring food and drinks in reusable containers to cut on single-use plastic and paper trash.

Tip 3: Put candy wrappers in your pockets and keep them with you until you see a bin.

Tip 4: Dispose of spent chewing gum properly; do not throw it on the floor or stick it in under the seat.

Tip 5: Refrain from tossing dirty tissues and wipes onto the ground.

Tip 6: Don’t leave any trash on or under the bleachers; put discards in the bins provided.

Tip 7: Observe the “no smoking, no vaping, no spitting” rule.

Tip 8: Avoid using plastic cheering paraphernalia.

Tip 9: Don’t throw confetti on the athletes.

Tip 10: Never release balloons or sky lanterns to celebrate, which will only end up as litter on land or in the ocean.

“If a venue lacks a good system for managing waste, we request the public to consider bringing their discards home for proper recycling or disposal,” Benosa suggested.

“Let’s cheer for all the SEAG athletes and go for gold in terms of spotless venues and reduced garbage and pollution throughout the games,” the EcoWaste Coalition said.