EcoWaste Coalition Honors Cardinal Rosales, Welcomes Archbishop Tagle

(Photo from UCANEWS)

An environmental watchdog has honored the retired Archbishop of Manila and warmly welcomed his successor.

In a statement adopted by its Steering Committee last Friday, the EcoWaste Coalition conveyed its “deep respect and admiration” to Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales who retired on October 13 “after eight years of abundant service to the Metropolitan See of Manila and her flock.”

“We remember with highest appreciation the support extended by Your Excellency to our advocacy for environmental stewardship and justice,” said Roy Alvarez, President, EcoWaste Coalition.

The group specifically cited three reasons for being grateful to Cardinal Rosales:

1. For championing the right to a healthy environment of resettled railway track dwellers from Metro Manila, saying “the current relocation program in Cabuyao, Laguna fails to take into consideration the health and environmental hazards that living next to a mixed waste dump might cause to the relocatees.”

2. For endorsing the call for waste-free elections, reminding stakeholders that “our exercise of democracy should not inflict harm on Mother Earth and her capacity to feed, house and sustain all creation. Genuine democracy upholds the sanctity of life and promotes environmental health and justice at all times.”

3. For reminding banana plantation owners that the aerial spraying of agrochemicals “ infringes upon human health and dignity” and for suggesting that they “rise to the occasion as socially responsible corporate citizens and, on (their) own volition, halt aerial spraying for public health and social peace.”

The group likewise cited the Cardinal for his support “to the essential mission of the Archdiocese of Manila Ecology Ministry to empower informal waste recyclers and promote Zero Waste.”

At the same meeting, the EcoWaste Coalition welcomed the appointment of Most. Rev. Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle as the new Archbishop of Manila.

“We congratulate you on your installation to your new ministry on December 12, which coincides with the 10th year of your Episcopal ordination and the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe,” said Alvarez.

“We assure you of our prayers and look forward to working with you for the good of our people, the society and the environment,” he added.