EcoWaste Coalition Deplores Illegal Trade of Banned Indonesian-Made Herbal Drink in Quiapo, Manila

The EcoWaste Coalition, an environmental
watchdog tracking hazardous products and wastes, deplored the unlawful sale of
banned Sehat Badan in Quiapo, Manila.
Sehat Badan, a herbal drink manufactured in Surabaya, Indonesia, is sold in the
country without the required market authorization from the Food and Drugs
Administration (FDA).
The FDA twice issued a health warning in January and July 2014 to caution
consumers against drinking  Sehat Badan as “these products did
not pass the FDA standard of safety and quality, therefore, public health is at

“In open defiance against the ban,
beauty and herbal stalls at the Victory Lacson Underpass sell Sehat Badan from
P270 to P300 per box,” stated Thony Dizon, Coordinator of the EcoWaste
Coalition’s Project Protect.
The herbal drink’s advertising claims of promoting and enhancing general
well-being and treating allergy, asthma, impotence, rheumatism, toothache,
ulcer and urinary stones do not have FDA’s approval.
Based on FDA’s analysis, Sehat Badan contains diclofenac sodium, ibuprofen,
paracetamol and sugar (sucrose and fructose).

To protect the public health, Food and
Drug Regulation Officers have been ordered to confiscate Sehat Badan and other
unregistered food supplements found in the market or in possession of
To rid the market of smuggled products
that pose serious health risks to consumers, the EcoWaste Coalition urged the
management of Victory Lacson Underpass to ask concerned tenants to discontinue
selling Sehat Badan and other products such as cosmetics and medicines that have
no FDA authorization.
“We hope only safe products will be
offered at the renovated underpass that is frequented by people who go to
Quiapo to pray, as well as to shop,” Dizon said.  
The group likewise asked the Manila
Health Department to conduct law enforcement operations to clear the area of
hazardous products, often illegal imports, and duly charge the culprits to
break the supply chain. 
Other illegal products openly sold by some retailers in the area include
household insecticides with cypermethrin, skin whitening cosmetics with mercury
and slimming coffee and juice with amphetamine and sibutramine.  
“As there will be no supply if there will be no demand, we ask consumers to refrain
from patronizing unregistered, dubious and improperly labeled products that can
jeopardize their health and safety,” Dizon emphasized.