Consumers Urged to Heed FDA’s Health Warnings vs. Unnotified Cosmetics

 Unnotified Jiachuntang
Ban Gan Jing Qu Ban Shuang skin whitening cream with high mercury content.

Some of the unnotified cosmetics banned last August 22, 2016 under FDA Advisory 2016-94.
EcoWaste Coalition, a chemical safety and zero waste advocacy group, urged consumers
to pay attention to the successive public health warnings issued by the Food
and Drug Administration (FDA) against unregistered cosmetics that may pose
potential health hazards.
In the months of July and August, the agency issued six advisories warning the public
against the purchase and use of 60 products that lack cosmetic product
notifications and whose quality and safety cannot be guaranteed by the FDA.
The EcoWaste Coalition provided the FDA with 20 of these non-compliant products,
including Jiachuntang Ban Gan Jing Qu Ban Shuang, a skin whitening facial cream
with high concentrations of mercury as screened by the group and subsequently confirmed
by the FDA through laboratory analysis. 
Cosmetic products, prior to being placed into the local market, must be duly
notified with the agency by a licensed cosmetic distributor and/or
manufacturer, according to the FDA.
“We remind the public to reject personal care and cosmetic products that have
not undergone quality and safety verification by the FDA as these can pose
serious health risks to users and even non-users such as babies and young
children,” said Thony Dizon, Coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition’s Project Protect.
“Heed the FDA’s health warnings and save yourself from injury and harm.  It’s better to be safe than sorry,” he added.
The government has warned that “if a cosmetic product has not been verified by
FDA as in the case of these unnotified products, the use of such products may
pose potential health hazards to the consuming public.” 
“Potential hazards may come from ingredients that are not allowed to be part of
a cosmetic product or from the contamination of heavy metals such as lead and
mercury,” it explained. 
“The use of substandard and possibly adulterated cosmetic products may result
to   reactions including but not limited to skin
irritation, itchiness, anaphylactic shock and organ failure,” it added.
FDA Advisory 2016-105, issued on August 22, banned the following unnotified
cosmetics:  Active Care Green Tea Deep Shine
Baien Beautiful Inimitable (golden yellow), Bleaching Original Soap, Bremod
Performance Spa Hair Color, Chanleevi Lipstick, Clarisse Feminine Cleansing
Wash, Excel Paris Lip Gloss, Glutathione Original Soap, Lip Balm (red and
yellow), Nyx Lip Smacking Fun Colors, Schwarzokdp Vision Charm Bewith, Skin
Vibrant Natural Soap (collagen + whitening,  gluta + whitening and tea tree) and White
Magnolia Treble Activating Skin Extract for Removing Dead Skin. 
FDA Advisory 2016-095, also issued on August 22, banned the following unnotified
cosmetics: Meiya Hide the Blemish Concealer, Meiya Two Way Cake Powder (blue, light
pink and dark pink), Meiya Pan Stick, Oseur O Mei Su Pearl Paste, Perfect Purity
for Kids Gentle Bubble Bath, Perfect Purity Moisturizing Baby Oil, Personal
Care Aloe Vera Skin Lotion and Yoko Acne-Melasma Cream CO Enzyme Q-10.
FDA Advisory 2016-094, also issued on August 22, banned the following
unnotified cosmetics: A’s Skin Natural Beauty Lanolin Cream with Vitamin E, De
Monto Lanolin Cream with Vitamin E & Collagen, Flowerone Elastic Whitening
Tender Cream, Nacos Natural Australian Lanolin Cream with Vitamin E &
Collagen, , Pearl Whiten Beautiful,  Queen
Pientzehuang Pearl Cream, Ronglaiya Professional Pure Golden, RLY Homme Men’s
Repairing Eke Water, Xinfunmanlingshuang Anti-Acne and Renewal Cream,
Fengshangmei New Nail Kit, Miss Seven Cracking Nail Art Kit, Mei Ja Er Child
Boutique Fake Nails Kit and Nail Glue WD.  
FDA Advisory 2016-093, also issued on August 22, banned Jiachuntang Ban Gan
Jing Qu Ban Shuang, an unnotified cosmetic product found to contain toxic mercury
FDA Advisory 2016-076, issued on July 12, banned the following unnotified
cosmetics: Delon Aloe Vera Skin Care Lotion, Delon Baby Lotion, Delon Silk and
Satin Whipped Lotion, Keri Bath Botanicals Sensitive Skin and Shinzu’I Skin Lightening
Body Lotion UV Protection Iseiya.  
FDA Advisory 2016-075, issued on July 11, banned the following unnotified
cosmetics: Active Care Green Tea Deep Shine Baien Beautiful Inimitable (dark
coffee, golden red and plum red), Bellespa Lip Gloss + Lip Liner Pencil,
Chanleevi Mascara Fantastic Volume, Charm 3D Jialiqi Cosmetics Length Fiber
Extensions Mascara, Jialiqi Art Class Liquid Eyeliner, Jialiqi Volume Mascara
Ultra Resistance Luxurious Eye Make-Up Dense, Kangtian 60 Soft Cel Capsules
(green, pink and yellow), Meiya Selection BB Cream Whitening + Sun Block SPF25
Vitamin E,  Nutrition Hair Oil (Fruits
with Snake Oil), Tri & 1 Professional Hair Colour (H815 Coffee), Signature
Collection Body Luxuries Enjoy Life Body Lotion and Signature Collection Body
Luxuries Silk Glow Body Lotion.

The manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution,
sale, offer for sale, transportation, promotion and/or advertisement of the
above non-compliant products is in direct violation of R.A. 9711, the Food and
Drug Administration Act.