Sustainable Consumption and Lifestyle

We inform and encourage Filipino consumers to minimize the environmental, climate and social impacts of their consumption pattern, through timely eco-advisories towards simple, low-carbon and non-toxic living.

Chemical Safety

We raise public awareness and alertness on chemicals in products, wastes and surroundings that can jeopardize human and environmental health. The Coalition focuses on dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls and other persistent organic pollutants (POPs); lead, mercury and other heavy metals; and other chemicals of concern that poison our children, women waste and sanitation workers, and other vulnerable workers of the society. We are also concerned with the trade in toxic products, wastes and technologies.

Zero Waste for Environmental and Climate Justice

We campaign for the diversion of discards from dumpsites and incinerators that produce greenhouse gases and byproduct POPs that poison communities. We are committed to the closure, cleanup and rehabilitation of dumpsites, their replacement with community-oriented clean recycling centers, and the provision of humane and sustainable livelihood for the informal recyclers. Defending the incineration ban from being weakened and violated is a major concern for theĀ  Coalition. Stopping open burning in backyard, farms and dumps is another key task.

Ecological Agriculture

We promote ecological agriculture, including non-GMO, organic and natural farming, to cut use on agrochemmicals toward their replacement with non-synthetic substitutes that will restore the health and fertility of depleted soils, protect our water sources, and realize food safety and security for all.

Plastic Use Reduction

We work for the phase out and ban of single-use plastic bags to promote the use of eco-friendly bags and containers as a practical strategy for marine protection and conservation and climate change mitigation.

Other Specific Engagements

In line with our mission, we participate in various social and environmental campaigns, such as the Stop Toxic Debt, for the cancellation of debt payments to Austria for defunct medical waste incinerators; Lead Paint Elimination Network, for the removal of lead in paints; and the E-Waste Action Now, for just and sustainable solutions to the mounting e-waste problem. We likewise support citizen’s efforts on breastfeeding, tobacco control, aerial spraying ban, and other related initiatives.