About Us

The Ecological Waste Coalition of the Philippines (EcoWaste Coalition) is a public interest network of community, church, school, environmental and health groups united by the common goal to
end wasting through the promotion of environmental justice and stewardship.

The EcoWaste Coalition defines Zero Waste or “Walang Aksaya” as “the synergy of principles, cultures, beliefs, systems, methods and technologies that aims to eliminate wasting and ensure full and beneficial use of resources to restore ecological balance and provide for the needs of all creation.”


EcoWaste Coalition envisions a Zero Waste Philippines by 2020 by pursuing sustainable solutions to waste, climate change and chemical issues facing the country and the world.


The EcoWaste  Coalition is comprised of member groups representing diverse interests and priorities, but sharing a common love and resolve to protect Mother Nature from being trashed and destroyed. Participating groups subscribe to the Unity Statement of the Coalition and adhere to the basic principles of environmental and social justice, gender-fairness, democracy and non-violence.

Members have the benefit of:

  • obtaining support for advocacies and other efforts
  • accessing information on focus issues and campaigns
  • participating in General Assembly
  • being involved in the Steering Committee and the Task Forces
  • taking part in our other activities