Reject Guns, Goons, Gold and Garbage

The women and men of the EcoWaste Coalition, an environmental group promoting eco-friendly polls in 2010, condemn the pre-election carnage in Maguindanao that has so far claimed the lives of 57 defenseless citizens.

We view and mourn the slaughter of political hopefuls, along with journalists, lawyers and other citizens, as a crime against the entire Filipino nation and humanity, and a most vicious desecration of the victims’ human rights as enshrined in our Constitution.

The butchery should trigger a national discernment and unity that will solidly reject the four Gs that have constantly contaminated and blemished our electoral processes: guns, goons, gold and garbage.

We challenge all political parties, their candidates and supporters not only to censure the political violence in Maguindanao, but to honor the victims by genuinely committing to a clean, green and
peaceful pursuit of their aspirations.

We call upon the Commission on Elections and all our law enforcement agencies to defend the ballot from warlords and their armed thugs by implementing a total gun ban with immediate effect.

We urge President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to disassociate herself from the alleged architects of the bloodbath and ensure the rule of law and justice without fear or favor.

We grieve for all the victims of political violence and join the rest of the nation in praying for the reign of peace, justice and harmony in Mindanao and throughout the society.