Protestors Urged to Make ‘Communal Action’ Litter-Free

Quezon City. As various groups plan more street protest activities in response to the brewing corruption crisis plaguing the Arroyo administration, the EcoWaste Coalition requests organizers to take serious action to prevent unchecked littering in rallies.

The waste and pollution watchdog made the appeal following the huge citizens’ rally in Makati City last Friday,15 February 2008, that left Ayala Avenue and the nearby Paseo de Roxas filthy with garbage, as caught on television cameras.

Some thirty street sweepers had to work extra hours after the rally to rid the vicinity of assorted litter such as cigarette butts, plastic food containers, discarded leaflets, confetti and used placards.

“We honor our people’s constitutional rights to peaceful assembly and free speech as paramount and unassailable. As we exercise these hard-fought democratic rights, let us fulfill as well our responsibility to protect the environment from polluting practices. Our fight for a clean government is not detached from our daily struggle for wholesome air, untainted water and for litter-free and hygienic surroundings,” said Rei Panaligan, coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition.

“We call on all Juan and Juana de la Cruz and all concerned groups, parties and movements, regardless of their political and ideological beliefs, to be mindful of the environmental impacts of their activities, ensuring that these are litter-free at the minimum,” the EcoWaste Coalition said.

Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, reminded the eco-group, prohibits the littering, throwing or dumping of waste matters in public places such as streets, sidewalks, waterways and parks. Violators upon conviction shall be fined between P300 to P1,000 or render community service from 1 to 15 days or both.

To keep future citizens’ assemblies clean and litter-free, the EcoWaste Coalition urges the organizers to consciously include waste prevention in the action planning, ensuring that adequate number of eco-marshals are designated and that participants are constantly reminded not to drop litter and to clean up the rally site before going home.

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