Green Groups Woo Voters to Back Pro-Environment Poll Bets


Green groups today asked the electorate to back candidates who will protect the public health and the environment as the May 9 poll campaign enters the home stretch.

The EcoWaste Coalition, a group championing the people’s right to chemical safety and healthy environment, led the call for a “green choice” at a creative voters’ education drive at Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City.

Through a short play, children and  youth  belonging to Buklod Tao-Kabataan, Maskara-Green Stage Filipinas and Junior Chamber International-QC emphasized  the dire need for voters to pick candidates who genuinely care for the health of humans and the ecosystems. 

“We need women and men in public service who will stand for and defend our Mother Earth against greed, corruption, waste and pollution, as well as inaction.  Voters should rally behind them and make them win,” stated Aileen Lucero, Coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition.

“Please know your candidates and back those who you trust will take care of the environment,” she advised. 

“Failing to do so will make the environmental issues facing our nation, as well as their impacts to health and economy, even worse,” she warned.

Some of the issues highlighted in the play were the ever growing volume and toxicity of discards generated by the households and industries,  the illegal trash shipments from Canada and the proliferation of hazardous chemicals, products and wastes.

In the first tableau, performers were seen complaining about the widespread open dumping and open burning of trash across the country that is contaminating the environment with toxic pollutants and making people sick.

In the second tableau, performers were seen encouraging the electorate to pick for pro-environment candidates who will shut down illegal dumpsites, uphold the incineration ban, ship back the Canadian garbage and protect the people from toxic harm.

While it did not name the pro-environment candidates that the people should vote for, the EcoWaste Coalition urged the public to consider the results of the various civil society efforts to analyze and grade the environmental stance and track record of candidates,  especially those running for national positions.

Last week, the Green Vote 2016 Campaign, the  Green Thumb Coalition and the Luntiang Bayan released their respective environmental scorecards, particularly for  candidates eyeing the presidency.