Green Group Seeks Cardinal Tagle’s Help to Tame the “Basura Monster”

Photo from http://www.interaksyon.com/article/112679/study-popes-encyclical-on-environment-tagle-urges-pinoys
The EcoWaste
Coalition, watchdog group for chemical safety and zero waste, has asked for the
help of Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle and the entire Catholic clergy in beating
the throw-away culture that is defiling Mother Earth.
Cardinal Tagle yesterday told the participants of the ongoing 51st
International Eucharistic  Congress in
Cebu City to, among other moving messages, live simply, stressing that to “live
by restraint, we can go against the throw-away culture.”
“Cardinal Tagle’s  call is most timely as
the nation marks the Zero Waste Month this January, and as various sectors
gather in Luneta over this weekend for a Zero Waste Fair to give a much-needed
push for waste prevention and reduction efforts to beat the country’s persistent
garbage woes,” said  Aileen Lucero, National
Coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition.
“Now more than ever, we need the Cardinal’s solidarity to tame the ‘basura
monster’ that is projected to reach 40,087 tons daily this year up from 37,427
tons per day in 2012,” she emphasized.
At last year’s celebration of the “Season of Creation,” Cardinal Tagle also urged
the faithful to “avoid  (the) throw way
attitude propelled by materialism,” as well as the “throw everywhere habit that
produces mountains of garbage.”
“We fully support his denunciation of the throw-away culture and humbly request
him to take his call further by initiating ecological reforms in our vibrant
faith-inspired activities such as Christmas and the fiestas that tend to
consume too much resources, while creating tons upon tons of trash, much of
which get burned, buried or tossed into the rivers and seas,” Lucero said.
“All the country’s bishops and priests, we hope, will take their cue from the
respected Cardinal and assist in building eco-friendly, non-toxic parishes and
communities,” she added.
“We need the help from all faith groups in rousing our citizens to abide by
Republic Act 9003 (the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act), as well as in moving
our mayors and other officials in enforcing it along with our other
environmental laws,” she stated.  
Reacting to Cardinal Tagle’s call to stop the throw-away culture, Father Roberto
P. Reyes OFM, a partner of the EcoWaste Coalition, said: “This why we
need a new kind of Holiness, a Green Holiness characterized by voluntary simplicity,
which celebrates the beauty of the best things in life that are priceless and
Also known as the “running priest,” Father Reyes proposed:  “Instead of having things, we can begin to
celebrate the blessing of deep and lasting relationships between couples,
parents and their children, neighbors, and fellow workers. Instead of having
things, we can begin to celebrate what Pope Francis often refers to as the
Caress, the Compassion of a merciful and loving God.”
“Instead of having things, we can now begin to appreciate the grateful
caress of Mother Earth whom we no longer poison with our garbage and wound with
our profit-obsessed activities from mining to agricultural land and forest
conversions to malls, factories and expensive high-rise condos and subdivisions,”
he added.
“Indeed, happy is the person who has nothing but the love of God, neighbor and
Mother Earth. She truly is the happiest and richest person on earth,” he