EcoWaste Coalition Warns Consumers vs. Unregistered Cosmetics with Unauthorized FDA Logo

The EcoWaste Coalition, a non-profit environmental group tracking harmful substances in products and wastes, advised consumers to shun unregistered cosmetics that may pose health and safety hazards to users.
The group repeated its call for consumer vigilance against such cosmetics after finding three types of unregistered face powder makeup with the logo of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the packaging.
“The FDA logo on the packaging gives the impression that the items have passed through the required cosmetic product notification scheme.  Impulsive buyers would think these products are safe to use.  It’s totally misleading as these products are marketed without authorization from the FDA,” said Thony Dizon, Coordinator of the EcoWaste Coalition’s Project Protect.  
“The deceitful use of the FDA logo should not sway consumers from buying these potentially harmful products,” he reiterated.
Dizon was referring to the following unregistered cosmetics that the group obtained from Stall 1E-22 at the Divisoria Mall in Manila:  A&W Silky Pressed Powder (P22 each), A&W Two-Way Cake (P22 each) and A&W Wet & Dry Application Powder (P30 each).
The above cosmetics, which are “made in China” according to the labels, provided no information about their manufacturer, importer or distributor, as well as their ingredients.
Health authorities have time and again reminded consumers that “all cosmetic products that do not pass the FDA safety and quality evaluation do not comply with the requirements of the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice.”
Dizon agreed saying that “the dozens of lipsticks and skin whitening creams that we have found to be contaminated with dangerous levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury have no FDA market authorization.” 
FDA Memorandum Circular 2013-030 prohibits the “use of the FDA logo, the words “Food and Drug Administration” or “Philippine FDA,” the initials “FDA,” or any imitation of such words, initials or logo in print and other forms of broadcast media… in connection with any health product or merchandise… that convey that such use is approval, endorsement or authorization by the FDA.”
The EcoWaste Coalition has already alerted the FDA about the misuse of the agency’s logo in the said A&W products through an e-mail sent to the Center for Cosmetic Regulation and Research.

Additional Information:

1. A & W Silky Pressed Powder (No Product Notification)
Variant 5572 is not listed in CPN NN-1000000941731, which only covers variants 5573 (NO.1), 5573 (NO.2), 5573 (NO.3) (same variants listed in CPN NN-1000000940174).  No manufacturer, importer or distributor information. No list of ingredients.  No manufacturing and expiry dates.

2. A & W Two-Way Cake (No Product Notification):

Variant 5540 is listed in CPN NN-20140325091050 , but the listed product name is different (A&W Two Way Face Powder with UV Protection, not A & W Two-Way cake).  No manufacturer, importer or distributor information. No list of ingredients.

3. A & W Wet & Dry Application Powder (No Product Notification)

Variant 5547 is not listed in CPN NN-1000000940174, which only covers variants 5573 (NO.1), 5573 (NO.2), 5573 (NO.3).  No manufacturer, importer or distributor information. No list of ingredients.