EcoWaste Coalition Promotes “Kuryentipid” Tips in face of Power Hike

Quezon City. As consumers brace for higher power rates this month, a waste and pollution watchdog has put out some practical tips that can help homes and offices cut their electricity charges and, at the same time, cool the planet.

“The judicious use of electricity is not only good for the purse, but also for the planet,” said Rei Panaligan, Coordinator of the EcoWaste Coalition, adding that “by saving energy we cut greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels like coal that is propelling climate change.”

The “kuryentipid” tips were contributed by sustainable lifestyle advocates from Ang Nars, Buklod Tao, Concerned Citizens Against Pollution, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Krusada sa Kalikasan, Miss Earth Foundation, Mother Earth Foundation, Sagip Sierra Madre Environmental Society, Sining Yapak, WomanHealth and the EcoWaste Coalition’s Secretariat.

The tips range from simply turning off lights, unplugging appliances when not in use, opening the windows, organizing household chores and choosing not to iron clothes.

Environmentalist Rene Pineda stressed the need to “unclutter as much space as possible in order that natural light and ventilation can penetrate and circulate freely.”

“Uso naman ang ‘crumpled look’ kaya huwag ng plantsahin ang damit, pantalon at mga linen sa bahay,” suggested entrepreneur Baby Reyes.

“Huwag gamitin ang washing machine bagkus ay magmanu-mano sa paglalaba,” added Sierra Madre sentinel Bro. Martin Francisco.

Health rights advocate Dr. Leah Primitiva Samaco-Paquiz even went further with a suggestion for a weekly “one hour light off” nationwide to cut on power use.

Here are some commonsensical “kuryentipid” tips to bring your electric bill down, while saving the planet at one fell swoop:

1. Open the curtains and windows and unclutter your home or office to
let the natural light in.

2. Put skylights wherever possible to maximize the daylight.

3. Switch off lights when not needed.

3. Wipe lighting fixtures clean to improve illumination.

4. Don’t leave appliances, computers and gadgets on standby mode – unplug.

5. Open the windows and ventilate the natural way.

6. Use fans and air-conditioners sparingly, ensuring that blades and filters are kept clean.

7. Organize well your chores like cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing clothes and try to do these with lesser frequency.

8. Put leftover food on top of newly-cooked rice to warm it instead of using the stove, toaster or microwave.

9. Keep your washing machine loads at maximum; wash manually if possible.

10. Use just the right amount of detergent to avoid extra rinsing.

11. Hang clothes to dry instead of using the electric dryer.

12. Don’t bother ironing house, school and even office clothes.

13. Plan your refrigerator trips to avoid frequent opening and closing of the fridge.

14. Set fridge temperature at 5°C, and leave enough room around the top and back to let the heat escape.

15. Use the kulambo (mosquito net) instead of electric mosquito repellants.

“Spread the ‘kuryentipid’ tips and persuade your housemates, officemates and friends to live sustainably,” the EcoWaste Coalition urged the public.

1. Rene Pineda is President of the Concerned Citizens Against Pollution
2. Baby Reyes is Vice-President of Mother Earth Foundation
3. Bro.Martin Francisco is President of the Sagip Sierra Madre Environmental Society
4. Dr. Leah Primitiva Samaco-Paquiz is President of Ang Nars

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