EcoWaste Coalition Offers 25 “Hot” Cooling Tips as Temperature Soars

Quezon City. An environmental group has come up with practical suggestions that can help Filipino families cope with the scorching summer heat.

The EcoWaste Coalition today released their “Init Survival Tips” as temperature continues to soar with the onset of summer.

Last Saturday, temperature rose to 35.8 degrees celcius in Metro Manila and 37 degrees celcius in Tuguegarao City in Cagayan Valley.

To make the sweltering heat bearable, especially for ordinary citizens, the Coalition compiled a list of “tips” that were sent via e-mail and text by its members and friends.

The “tips” were contributed by sustainable consumption advocate Eileen Sison, beauty titlist Cathy Untalan of the Miss Earth Foundation and by Buklod Tao, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Institute for the Development of Educational and Ecological Alternatives, Krusada sa Kalikasan, Maskara-Green Stage Filipinas, Mother Earth Foundation, Sagip Sierra Madre Environmental Society, Urban Poor Associates and Zero Waste Philippines.

“We can beat the roasting summer heat by adopting creative ideas that will keep our bodies and homes cool without wasting precious water and electricity during this period of El Niño,” said Eileen Sison, NGO Representative to the National Solid Waste Management Commission.

“Drinking lots of water is our best protection against the blazing heat. For a healthy and thirst-quenching drink, try blended or ‘ginadgad at pinigang” camias or Indian mango, or quickly-boiled avocado leaves with pandan for a refreshing ‘avopan’ juice,” suggested Ofelia Panganiban of Zero Waste Philippines.

“Think positive and call to mind happy moments to keep you calm and less irritable during the hot season. Enjoy simple family bonding activities such as sharing a healthy meal outside the house or under a tree,” added Bro. Martin Francisco of the Sagip Sierra Madre Environmental Society.

Here are some tips to help you survive the scorching summer season.


– Keep the windows open and the air flowing.

– Unclutter your home of stuff that eat space and get in the way of the air and simple living.

– Install blinds or shades made of native materials to block intense sun’s rays.

– Get farther from the roof; spend more time downstairs.

– Sun bleach or dry your clothes on the roof (the clothes will deflect the sun’s heat).

– Green your home with indoor plants that can also serve as natural air fresheners.

– Use plants, potted or planted directly into the soil, to block off the afternoon sun.

– Turf off sources of heat such as lights bulbs and appliances when not in use; maximize the daylight.

– Keep the electric fans clean and in good condition.

– Do heat-generating activities such as ironing clothes at night.

– Never burn your household discards, including fallen leaves and twigs from the garden.

– Recycle graywater from dishwashing, laundry and bathing to water plants or dampen dusty pavements.


– Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and your temperature down.

– Bring drinking water in reusable jug every time you go out (and lessen consumption of bottled water).

– Prepare your own healthy thirst quenchers such as “buko” juice or “iced tea” from pandan and tanglad (lemon grass) leaves.

– Refrain from consuming alcoholic drink, which makes one urinate more often and cause water loss.

– Enjoy fruits and vegetables with high water content such as watermelon, melon, singkamas (turnip) and cucumber.

– Eat small meals at regular intervals as big meals can warm your body up; eat green leafy veggies.

– Place damp handtowel on forehead, around the neck and under the armpits for a relaxing cool.

– When taking a bath, wet your underarms and extremities first before the head area; keep your shower time short to cut on water use.

– Do inhale-exhale exercise at least five times a day.

– Hold a cold beverage on your neck to cool yourself.

– Protect yourself from the sun using an umbrella, bandana, cap or an anahaw palm fan.

– Wear shades or sunglasses to protect your eyes against the sun’s harsh blaze.

– Wear light and loose clothes that breathe easily.