EcoWaste Coalition Exhorts August 25 Anti-Pork Protestors to Ensure Garbage-Free Event

environmental watchdog appealed for a clean and safe assembly as concerned
groups and citizens gear up for the huge anti-pork barrel rally in Luneta on

The EcoWaste Coalition, which has declared its support for the People’s
Initiative to abolish the pork barrel system, appealed to fellow advocates for
change to respect Rizal Park’s “no littering, no smoking” policy.

The environmental watchdog recalled that last
year’s “Million People March,” also in Luneta, drew commendations from green
activists, netizens and the park management for keeping trash to the minimum.

“The August 25 rally should duplicate, if not exceed, our collective environmental
gain last year in terms of keeping Rizal Park and its vicinity garbage-free.  Our patriotic struggle for zero corruption
should not be detached from our quest for a zero waste society,” said Aileen
Lucero, National Coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition.

“The people’s disgust and rage against the stinking pork barrel system should
not turn the park and its environs into a dumpsite,” she emphasized.

Towards a clean and safe rally in Luneta, the EcoWaste Coalition invited all
participants to heed the following reminders:

1. Put your discards into the proper bins.
2. Desist from smoking in Luneta.
3. Do not explode firecrackers or burn protest props.
4. Hold or put your banners on poles, not on plants and trees.
5. Abstain from any acts of violence and vandalism.

The EcoWaste Coalition further suggested that
people who will be coming in groups to assign point persons to ensure that
everyone follows the “no littering, no smoking” regulation of Rizal Park.

The group also urged beverage, food and souvenir vendors to cooperate and look
after their own discards.