EcoWaste Coalition Condemns Death Threats to Staff/Volunteers

We, members of the public interest network EcoWaste Coalition that champions health and environmental justice, condemn the death threats to our colleague Mr. Rey Palacio, his wife Evangeline and their 11-year old daughter, who are also our volunteers, apparently in relation to their work and involvement in opposing the proposed Obando landfill in Barangay Salambao in Obando, Bulacan. The said landfill project, a project by Eco Shield Development Corporation and authorized by the local government of Obando through Mayor Orencio E. Gabriel, will be built within the Obando River and foreshore areas of Manila Bay.

Mr. Palacio first received threats after visiting the proposed landfill site on June 15, 2011. The threats have since then intensified and on August 17, 2011, he and Evangeline received graphic details about how the texter or texters would carry out their threats.

We condemn this dastardly and cowardly act of intimidation and blatant show of disrespect for human rights. We especially condemn the threats to the life of a young girl, who, at a tender age, has pledged to do her share in protecting the environment.

We urge the government and our police force to step up and stop the proliferation of fear initiated by the goons.

The EcoWaste Coalition will stand by and continue to fully support its staff, volunteers and partners. We reiterate our support for the residents of the town of Obando in opposing the proposed landfill. We will continue to take a firm stand in supporting the plight of communities threatened by toxic facilities that will endanger their health and the environment.