Monthly Archive:: February 2017

EcoWaste Coalition Prods Consumers to Follow FDA’s Public Health Warnings vs. Unnotified Cosmetics

Assorted cosmetics without the required product notifications as collected by the EcoWaste Coalition from various retailers in July 2016. “Better safe than sorry.” The EcoWaste Coalition, a non-profit watch group for public health and the environment, urged

Watch Out for Carcinogenic Cadmium in Lipstick

After reporting the presence of lead, a neurotoxin, in some imitation lipsticks, the EcoWaste Coalition today revealed that it has found a lipstick that is laden with cadmium, a carcinogen. The group revealed that Baolishi #25, which

EcoWaste Coalition Backs Cebu’s Customs and Environmental Authorities in Seeking the Immediate Return of South Korean Garbage (Photo by Joy Torrejos) “Return to sender!” The EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watch group based in Quezon City, has thrown its weight behind a move to quickly ship back illegal trash shipments from South

Toxics Watch Group Alerts Consumers vs. Lipsticks Contaminated with Lead (Kissable Lips Need Not be Toxic)

As lovebirds get ready for Valentine’s Day,  a toxics watch group tipped off consumers, particularly women, against prettifying themselves with cheap but lead-laden lipsticks that are sold in the local market.  The precautionary warning from the EcoWaste

EcoWaste Coalition Drums Up Support for Mercury Treaty Ratification

The EcoWaste Coalition today reiterated its appeal for the immediate ratification of a global treaty that seeks to address worldwide emissions and releases of mercury that threaten the ecosystems and the health of millions. Through letters sent