Monthly Archive:: June 2016

Environmental Activists Call Out Canada’s Failure to Reclaim Stinking Trash, Ask PM Trudeau to Re-Import “Overstaying” Garbage

As Filipinos usher in the Duterte government and his promise of change, environmental activists gathered anew outside the Embassy of Canada in Makati City to denounce the long-drawn-out Canadian garbage dumping scandal that has haunted the outgoing

Watchdog Prods Students and Teachers to Avoid Products Laced with Toxic Chemicals

The EcoWaste Coalition, a watch group on toxic chemicals and wastes, today went to a public high school in Kaunlaran Village, Navotas City to promote student and teacher awareness on hazardous substances lurking in some toys, school

Groups Spread Information to Protect the Elderly from Accidental Overdoses due to Medications

The nation’s elderly people are at risk of unintentional poisoning injuries and deaths due to the overuse or misuse of medicines, which can be prevented by taking steps to rationally use drugs. At a forum aptly themed

Groups Push for Poison-Proofing Homes and Schools to Prevent Poisoning Emergencies An expert on the adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms today advised students and their teachers to be on their guard against harmful substances that may put their health in danger. Speaking at a forum

Watchdog Tells Men to Take It Easy on Fragranced Cosmetics As Father’s Day is celebrated tomorrow, a watch group on hazardous substances cautioned men to be extra careful in purchasing cosmetics containing fragrances that can disrupt hormonal functions and adversely affect their sexual and reproductive health.

EcoWaste Coalition Makes a Pitch for Healthy “Baon” to Combat Obesity among Children

In a bid to prevent the health consequences of being overweight and obese among children, the EcoWaste Coalition today organized an event showcasing “baon” with good nutritional value that are within ordinary people’s reach and budget. The

Watch Group Cautions School Kids from Buying Hazardous Playthings

A watch group for children’s health and safety advised students to be careful in buying playthings as classes in public elementary and high schools resume tomorrow. The EcoWaste Coalition, which has been tracking dangerous toys in the

“Palit-Zipper” Drive Held to Reduce Children’s Exposure to Toxic Lead

YKK Philippines, Inc., the country’s leading fastening company, has partnered with the EcoWaste Coalition and the Melencio M. Castelo Elementary School in Quezon City to replace damaged zippers of school uniforms. Through the “Palit-Zipper na Ligtas sa

EcoWaste Coalition Warns against Toxic Lead in Some Zippers Used for School Bags and Uniforms

Zippers with lead-free pull tabs and sliders (above) and those with lead-painted pull tabs and sliders (below) As last minute-shoppers troop to Divisoria, Manila for low-cost back-to-school garments and supplies, a watch group on toxic chemicals alerted

Watchdog Finds Unregistered “Made in China” Aerosol Insecticides and Rat Glue Traps in Divisoria and Quiapo

A watch group promoting consumer and environmental health warned the public against buying and using household insect killers and sticky rodent traps that have not undergone official safety and efficacy evaluation. The EcoWaste Coalition echoed the warning