Monthly Archive:: January 2016

National and Local Candidates Urged to Embrace Zero Waste in Their Campaigns and Platforms (2nd Zero Waste Fair Held in Luneta to Push for Increased Waste Prevention and Reduction Efforts)

Environmental and health advocates today pushed candidates for the upcoming general elections to put sustainable waste management solutions on top of their electoral platforms and to walk their talk by running a trash-less campaign.     At

Green Group Seeks Cardinal Tagle’s Help to Tame the “Basura Monster”

Photo from The EcoWaste Coalition, watchdog group for chemical safety and zero waste, has asked for the help of Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle and the entire Catholic clergy in beating the throw-away culture that is defiling Mother

New Study Finds Lead Levels in a Majority of Paints Exceed Chinese Regulation and Should Not be on Store Shelves

Insight Explorer – IPEN Joint Press Release 27 January 2016, Beijing, China. A new study on lead in decorative paints sold in China released today by Insight Explorer and IPEN finds that more than half of the

“Go zero waste!” – green groups to public

27 January 2016. Quezon City. A few days before the culmination of the 2nd commemoration of January as Zero Waste Month, green groups prepare to close the month with a big call to every Filipino to go

Environmental Watchdog Says: Respect the Signboard “Bawal Magtapon Dito”

As the observance of the Zero Waste Month wraps up this week, an environmental watchdog group urged the public to follow the notoriously ignored signage against garbage dumping. The omnipresent reminder “Bawal Magtapon Dito,” lamented the EcoWaste

Wasteful Plastic Bag Banderitas Irk Environmental Watchdog

An environmental watchdog pursuing preventive measures to stem the ever growing garbage problem in Metro Manila has slammed the use of plastic bags as fiesta banderitas. The EcoWaste Coalition described the increasing practice of hanging plastic bag

EcoWaste Coalition Urges Cosmetics Companies to Recall Products Containing Banned Ingredients

The EcoWaste Coalition, a toxics watchdog group, renewed its call for  manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers of cosmetics containing banned ingredients to promptly recall their non-compliant products. The group had earlier found 15 imported as well as

Toxics Watchdog Finds Banned Preservatives in Cosmetics Products

A watchdog group tracking banned substances in consumer products found 15 items laden with certain types of parabens, which should no longer be used in cosmetics formulations starting January 1, 2016. As part of its ongoing campaign

EcoWaste Coalition Warns against Monkey “Lucky Charms” Containing Lead Paint

Some monkey figurines sold as “lucky charms” in Quiapo, Manila were found to be decorated with paints containing high levels of toxic lead. The EcoWaste Coalition, a toxics watchdog, found this out after subjecting five of such

Environmental Watchdog Says Plastic Banderitas Should Go for Waste-Less Fiestas

A watchdog group for environment and health urged church and community leaders to forbid the hanging of fiesta garlands, stressing there is “zero justification” to put “litter on the sky.”  The EcoWaste Coalition emphasized that fiesta buntings,