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Environmentalists Support “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation”

Source: Environmentalists urged Filipinos from all walks of life to stand for Mother Earth amid the unfolding climate and environmental crisis by partaking in the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation” next Tuesday. Pope

EcoWaste Coalition Welcomes Lawmakers’ Action to Put Canada Garbage Controversy to Rest

The environmental watchdog group EcoWaste Coalition welcomed the lawmakers’ initiative to bring the Canadian trash dumping controversy to an end.  The House Committee on Ecology led by  Rep. Amado S. Bagatsing recently wrote to Canada’s House of

EcoWaste Coalition Urges Government to Convene Inter-Agency Committee to Craft Policy Regulating Oxalic Acid (Toxics Watchdog Renews Call to Prohibit the Sale of Repacked Oxalic Acid on Streets)

The government must act fast to prevent more cases of oxalic acid poisoning that had so far claimed the lives of four people this year. The EcoWaste Coalition pleaded for the strict regulation of oxalic acid that

EcoWaste Coalition Joins the Clamor for Justice for Pamana

Watchdog Urges BOC to Target Smugglers of Hazardous Products and Wastes, Not Balikbayan Box Senders

A watchdog group that is untiringly campaigning against the unlawful dumping of hazardous products and wastes in the country’s ports urged the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to target shipping containers loaded with misdeclared goods, not the balikbayan

EcoWaste Coalition Finds FDA-Banned Products On Sale in Marikina, Too

After exposing the illegal sale of products banned by the government for health and safety reasons in Makati, Manila, Pasay and Quezon Cities, the EcoWaste Coalition has turned its sights on Marikina City. In an urgent report

Pasay LGU Requested to Get Tough on Retailers Selling Banned Products with Hazardous Ingredients

Samples of illegal skin whitening cosmetics, slimming products and insecticides that are being sold in Pasay City. A watchdog group for chemical safety and public health urged the Pasay City Government to flex its muscles against traders

QC Council Urged: “Take a Stand vs Foreign Waste Dumping in Payatas” (20 Groups Back Proposed Resolution)

Environmental, labor and women’s groups urged the Quezon City Council to fast track the unanimous adoption of a resolution that will serve as a deterrent against any move to dump Canadian garbage in Payatas. Proposed Resolution No.

EcoWaste Coalition Reminds Public to Shun Careless Garbage Disposal

An environmental watchdog appealed anew to the general public to stop careless trash disposal that is surely aggravating the flashfloods amid the frequent occurrence of thunderstorms in Metro Manila. The EcoWaste Coalition, a persistent campaigner for public

Manila Health Department Intensifies Drive vs Contraband Hazardous Products (Health Advocates Team Up with Sanitation Inspectors to Rid the Market of Banned Products)

The Manila Health Department (MHD) swooped down on Divisoria vendors selling unregistered imported insect killers that can pose risk to human and animal health. On Thursday, MHD teamed up with the EcoWaste Coalition in conducting the market