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EcoWaste Coalition Cautions the Public against Inhaling Toxic Smoke During Fires

  With the onset of the annual “Fire Prevention Month,” an environmental watchdog promoting chemical safety and zero waste alerted the public about the danger of being exposed to fire smoke. “Smoke from fires, which is made

EcoWaste Coalition Finds More Unregistered Household Insecticides in the Market, Cautions Public from Using Insect Killers from China with Cypermethrin

The EcoWaste Coalition, a chemical safety and zero waste advocacy group, has cautioned the public against  using unregistered insect killers after finding six brands of household insecticides with cypermethrin as an active ingredient. Taking its cue from

Group Alarmed by the Proliferation of Smuggled Cosmetics in Divisoria Quiapo (Watchdog Cautions Consumers on Health and Safety Hazards of Using Unregistered Cosmetics)

  Consumers should exercise maximum precaution when buying unregistered cosmetics, particularly in budget shops and malls, which may contain dangerous contaminants or ingredients beyond allowable limits. The EcoWaste Coalition, a chemical safety and zero waste watchdog, sounded the alarm over

Plastic waste generation study ranks PH 3rd: The country should wake up, says EcoWaste Coalition

“A recent study on plastic wastes generated by coastal countries and entering the oceans should serve as a wake up call to the Philippine government, the industry, and the public in general after the report ranked the

Anti-Pollution Watchdog Lauds QCCBAI for Not Blasting Firecrackers to Welcome the Lunar New Year

The EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watchdog, commended the Quezon City Chinatown Business Association, Inc. (QCCBAI) for opting not to explode firecrackers and fireworks to welcome the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep tonight. “We laud

12 Mindanao Mayors Urged to Clamp Down on Illegal Trade of Mercury-Laden Cosmetics

PHOTOS: Mercury-laden skin whitening cosmetics on sale in Mindanao (above), and the top ten products with highest concentrations of mercury (below). A toxics watchdog group today urged the chief executives of 12 cities in Mindanao to clamp down

Be Wary of Chinese New Year Lucky Charms with Toxic Chemicals

LUCKY CHARMS WITH UNDISCLOSED TOXIC CHEMICALS A watchdog group for chemical safety and zero waste has reminded consumers to be careful when buying lucky charms and enhancers after finding some items laden with toxic chemicals. In a

Cebu City Government Urged to Stop Illegal Trade in Mercury-Laden Cosmetics

  An environmental group based in Quezon City has appealed to the Cebu City Government to take action against vendors of contraband cosmetics laden with mercury, a toxic chemical. Through a press release, the EcoWaste Coalition requested the office

“Beauty Pageant” Features “Toxic Beauties” to Caution Women against Dangerous Cosmetics Laden with Mercury

  To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the toxics watchdog EcoWaste Coalition, held a mock beauty pageant in Quezon City to alert the public, particularly our women, against the proliferation of skin lightening cosmetics loaded with mercury, a toxic

EcoWaste Coalition Tells Consumers to be Cautious of Poison Cosmetics (Watchdog Finds 316 of 355 Skin Whitening Products in 50 Cities Laced with Toxic Mercury)

DIRTY DOZEN: The top 12 samples of skin whitening creams with highest mercury content per brand Tis the season to be wary of poison cosmetics. As couples gear up for a romantic date on Valentine’s Day that