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Beware: Some Heart-Shaped Pendants May Bring Not Romance, But Toxic Harm

Bracelet charms and pendants in the shape of a heart, the popular symbol of love and romance found in almost all Valentine’s gifts, may spell serious trouble for the people you care for. The EcoWaste Coalition, an

EcoWaste Coalition Seeks Public Cooperation to Keep Manila Esteros Garbage-Free (Basura Patrol Finds Portions of Manila Esteros “Missing” due to Garbage Cover)

29 January 2015, Estero de Magdalena, Recto Avenue, Manila 29 January 2015, Old. Torres St., Barangay 154, Tondo, Manila 29 January 2015, Estero de la Reina, Recto Avenue, Manila            29 January 2015,

EcoWaste Coalition Pushes DOH to Ban Hazardous Chemical in Baby Feeding Bottles and Sippy Cups

A public interest group promoting chemical safety and public health today pressed the Department of Health (DOH) and the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to release a long-pending Administrative Order banning Bisphenol A (BPA) in baby feeding

Environmental Experts Pitch for Non-Incineration Solutions to Garbage Woes

The grassroots campaign to avert a congressional move to lift the incineration ban under the Clean Air got a boost at a government-organized summit to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, another

Environmentalists Call for Faithful Enforcement of R.A. 9003 to Protect Community Health, the Environment and the Climate

As the 14th anniversary of the signing of Republic Act 9003, the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, is observed tomorrow, environmental leaders urged local and national government agencies to implement the law faithfully. R.A. 9003, enacted by

Repurposed Pope Francis’ Welcome Tarpaulins

Friends of Buklod-Tao and the EcoWaste Coalition from Bulgaria, Canada and Indonesia show off repurposed functional items such as an apron, organizer and carry bags from tarpaulins welcoming Pope Francis that were put on display at the

EcoWaste Coalition: “Please Recycle Pope Francis’ Tarpaulins”

With the departure of Pope Francis after five days of cherished encounters with the Filipino people, an environmental watchdog wasted no time proposing that the tarpaulins used to welcome the “green pope” should not go to the

EcoWaste Coalition Decries the Massive Trashing of Luneta at the Concluding Mass of Pope Francis’ Visit

The “concern for the environment,” one of the key messages that resonated throughout the five-day apostolic and state visit of Pope Francis in the country, has yet to sink in the hearts and minds of Catholic Filipinos.

Groups Recycle Discards to Honor Pope Francis, the “Green Pope”

A Buddhist charitable organization and a zero waste advocacy network have teamed up to assist the church and the government in making tomorrow’s mammoth assembly compassionate to the environment. The Tzu Chi Foundation and the EcoWaste Coalition will

Watchdog Calls on Traders to Take Tainted Apples Off the Market Following Listeriosis Outbreak in US

An environmental and health watchdog group has urged concerned traders to take out apples that were recalled in US few days ago due to listeriosis outbreak that have so far killed seven persons. “Amid the frenzy over