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Zero Waste Group Urges Metro Residents to Temper Throwaway Culture as Churches Mark “Season of Creation”

Photo Courtesy of Dennis Sabangan/EPA In response to the call by Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle for lay participation in the observance of the “Season of Creation,” the EcoWaste Coalition, an environmental watchdog, appealed to Metro

Labor and Environmental Groups Bat for Greater Public Protection against Lead Exposure

Environmentalists have joined forces with trade unionists in a bid to provide greater protection for the workers, children and the general public against exposure to lead-based paints. The common plea aired by the Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union

125 Intense Chemical Odor Releases Detected from Cavite Hazardous Facility

August 28, 2014, Silang, Cavite. In the span of six weeks, residents of Barangay Maguyam, a populated but highly industrialized barangay in Silang, Cavite, detected 129 intense chemical odor releases from different facilities, 125 of which came

EcoWaste Coalition: Toxic Counterfeit Cosmetics: A Costly Choice for Your Health and Wallet

Counterfeit cosmetics are cheaper and pleasing to the purse, but may be laden with hazardous ingredients that can result to long-term ailments and hefty medical bills, the EcoWaste Coalition, a toxics watchdog, warned. Taking its cue from

EcoWaste Coalition Backs People’s Initiative to Abolish Pork Barrel System, Says “Zero Corruption, Zero Waste”

The EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watchdog, has expressed support for the abolition of the pork barrel system through a people’s initiative. At the multisectoral “Stand Up, Sign Up” rally held in Rizal Park today, the

EcoWaste Coalition Exhorts August 25 Anti-Pork Protestors to Ensure Garbage-Free Event

An environmental watchdog appealed for a clean and safe assembly as concerned groups and citizens gear up for the huge anti-pork barrel rally in Luneta on Monday. The EcoWaste Coalition, which has declared its support for the

EcoWaste Coalition: Some Slimming Products Can Kill

                    22 August 2014, Quezon City.  A watchdog group for consumer health and the environment urged the public not to waste hard-earned money for illegal weight-loss products that

Watch Out for Dangerous Reproductive Toxin in Artificial Nails

Girls and women beware:  the glue you are using to put on those pretty artificial fingernails might contain a banned chemical that is classified as a reproductive toxin. “False nails may be fun to put on and

Ship Back Canada’s Toxic Waste to Help Decongest Manila’s Ports

An environmental watchdog has put forward a quick solution, albeit a partial one, to the much debated congestion in the ports of Manila. “To partly help in decongesting the ports, the Canadian authorities, in the spirit of

Beware: Eye Cosmetics Banned in Developed Countries Sold in PH

    TOXIC: Eye cosmetics loaded with lead (above) and skin lightening cream laden with mercury (below) imported from Pakistan and sold locally without market authorization from the Food and Drugs Administration. The EcoWaste Coalition, an