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Pasay LGU Urged to Take Action vs. Deadly Silver Jewelry Cleaner

  A toxics watchdog has urged the Pasay City Government led by Mayor Antonino Calixto to take strong action to stop preventable deaths in the city due to the ingestion of illegally traded silver jewelry cleaner. The

Laboratory Tests Confirm Toxic Lead in Yellow Plastic Sando Bags

Some plastic bags contain lead, a highly toxic metal banned in the manufacturing of food and beverage packaging. The EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watchdog, revealed its hottest toxic discovery as laboratory tests confirmed the presence

Photos from the “Lead and Mercury Safe Schools for Bright and Healthy Children” Event at Commonwealth Elementary School,24 June 2014, Organized by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the European Union and the EcoWaste Coalition

Photo 1 by Jhun Dantes Photo 2 by Jhun Dantes Photo 3 by Jhun Dantes Photo 4 by Jhun Dantes Photo 5 by Jhun Dantes Photo 6 by Jay Directo Photo 7 by Jay Directo Photo 8 by Jhun Dantes

EcoWaste Coalition Urges a “Zero Waste” Welcome for Pope Francis “to Counter the Culture of Waste and Disposable”

The upcoming visit of Pope Francis in January 2015 is a beautiful occasion to roll out a well-timed campaign for a “Zero Waste Pilipinas.” The EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watchdog, believes that the visit of

DENR Secretary and EU Ambassador Advocate a Lead-Free Philippines!

Photos by Chris Evangelista 24 June 2014, Quezon City.   The government of the Philippines and the European Union have joined hands to protect school children from chemicals known to have serious toxic effects on the brain.

Groups Tell Loom Fans to Handle Rubber Bands with Care; Indigestible Loom Bands Can Make Pets Ill

Photos: Counterfeit Rainbow Loom and loom bands with no government-issued market authorization as sold in Divisoria and Quiapo streets.   An animal welfare group and an environmental group have reminded kids and adults who are into Rainbow

Cebu Toy Ukuleles Found Contaminated with Lead

Colorful toy ukuleles being sold at tourist souvenir stores in Cebu City and Lapu City are laden with lead, a highly toxic chemical that is prohibited in the production of toys. The EcoWaste Coalition,  a toxics watchdog,

EcoWaste Coalition Blasts Illegal Sale of Mercury-Laden Skin Cosmetics in Cebu City

Is Cebu City now the toxic whitening cosmetics capital of the Philippines? The EcoWaste Coalition, a watchdog group against mercury in consumer products, raised the specter after finding imported, mercury-laden skin lightening creams without market authorization that

Dangerous Water Color Sets Openly Sold in Cebu City

Some Cebu City retailers are still selling a locally-manufactured water color sets recently banned by the government for containing high levels of lead, a chemical poison that can harm the brain. The EcoWaste Coalition, a toxics watchdog

Cebu Forum Tackles Lead Paint Hazards, Thumbs Up Lead Safe Paints

  Cebu City. By choosing lead safe paints, we prevent adding new sources of lead to the environments of our kids. Exposure to hazardous paint chips and dust can damage their brains, retard their development and put