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Laboratory Analysis Detects Dangerous Levels of Lead in Some School Supplies

A chemical known to damage a child’s developing brain even at low exposures was discovered in some children’s products as consumers scramble for back-to-school supplies. The EcoWaste Coalition, a toxics watchdog, revealed that nine assorted school supplies

Green Groups Say Visit of Pope Francis Should be Waste-Free, Include Informal Recyclers Pope Francis greets Sergio Sanchez, “cartonero” from ArgentinaAlthough church authorities have yet to issue an official announcement about the reported plan of Pope Francis to visit the Philippines in January next year, environmental groups were excitedly

Back-to-School Project Promotes Lead-Safe, Non-Toxic Zippers for School Uniforms

Used school uniforms got a new lease of life through a practical “back-to-school” initiative involving a vibrant parish community, a toxics watchdog group and the world’s largest zipper manufacturer. Through a collaborative project that brought together the

Environmentalists and Teachers Push for Eco-Friendly Brigada Eskwela

22 May 2014, Quezon City.  Environmentalists and teachers made a pitch for an eco-friendly Brigada Eskwela as the week-long  clean up, repair and renovation of the country’s  public schools gets underway.  In a common press statement, the

Baclaran Street Vendors Found Selling Toxic Water Colors

Some street vendors of school supplies in Baclaran’s bargain district, like their counterparts in Divisoria, are selling a brand of locally-manufactured water color sets containing high levels of lead, an extremely hazardous substance that can irreparably damage

“Waste-Free, Toxic-Free” Brigada Eskwela in Payatas School Draws Throng of Supporters

School officials, teachers and students, community residents, and environmental advocates have joined forces to support the cleanup and renovation of Payatas C Elementary School in Quezon City. The Commonwealth Elementary School (Metro Manila’s grand slam winner for

Groups Assail Tobacco Advertising in Makati Barangay Fiesta

Health and environmental groups slammed tobacco advertising through fiesta banderitas at a barangay in Makati City as a deceptive marketing practice in violation of the country’s tobacco regulation law. In a press statement, the Framework Convention on

Groups Promote Lead Safe Work Practices as Brigada Eskwela Commences

An environmental network and a paint industry association reminded Brigada Eskwela organizers and volunteers to apply lead safe work practices as schools are cleaned, repaired or renovated in time for the school re-opening. In a joint reminder,

Divisoria Vendors Urged Not to Sell Lead-Tainted Water Colors (Group Launches “Waste-Free, Toxic-Free Back-to-School” Campaign)

  An environmental watchdog asked vendors to desist from selling a lead-laden brand of water colors as stalls selling school supplies began sprouting in Divisoria, the famous hub for bargain hunters and low budget shoppers. To fire

US-Based Filipino Scientist Proposes Biomonitoring of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) in Pregnant Women

“There is a need for biomonitoring endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in pregnant women because there is a growing body of evidence that exposure to EDCs in the womb has long term health consequences.” – Dr. Roy Roberto