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Groups Pledge Support for Cleaner Air

Quezon City – Representatives from more than 30 non-government organizations and grassroots groups pledge support for clean air and to boost their on-going initiatives in support of a healthy and toxic-free environment. “It is the right of

Consumers Cautioned vs Use of Mercury-Tainted Skin Whitening Cream (Case of Pinay Domestic Helper in Hong Kong: A Wakeup Call)

(Photo from Hong Kong’s Department of Health) The EcoWaste Coalition, a toxics watchdog, cautioned consumers against a health-damaging skin whitening cream called “Santen” after a Filipina household worker in Hong Kong was hospitalized due to mercury poisoning.

EcoWaste Coalition Reveals Latest Findings from Its Toxics-Free Summer Campaign: Lead-Laden Souvenir Key Chains

 Key chains with lead (above) Key chains without lead (below) Key chains, which are among the most affordable mementos available at gift shops in various summer destinations, may contain elevated levels of lead, a potent toxin that

St. John Paul II’s Statues Laden with Lead (EcoWaste Coalition: It’s Time to “Detox” Religious Statues, Use Lead-Safe Paint)

As the Catholic community welcomes with great jubilation the elevation of Blessed John Paul II to sainthood this coming Sunday, a toxics watchdog drew the attention of the public and the church on the elevated levels of

Water Colors Found Laden With Lead (EcoWaste Coalition Urges Parents to Pick Non-Toxic Materials for Kiddie Summer Art Classes and Workshops)

 Water colors with high levels of lead. Water colors with low or non-detectable levels of lead. An environmental watchdog has reminded parents to carefully pick non-toxic materials for kids who will attend summer art classes and workshops to explore

More Photos: The Trashing of the 2014 Lenten Alay-Lakad to Antipolo City, 17-18 April 2014

EcoWaste Laments the Trashing of Streets as an Unholy Act of Penance (Group Commends Street Sweepers and Waste Recyclers for Picking Up after the Pilgrims)

The EcoWaste Coalition, an environmental watchdog, minced no words to criticize the widespread littering that again marred the annual Alay-Lakad to Antipolo City on Maundy Thursday.“The massive littering of major streets by pilgrims who were supposed to

Litter-Free, Smoke-Free Lenten Alay-Lakad Urged (Faithful Urged to Heed Pope Francis: “Counter the Culture of Waste and Disposable”)

A waste and pollution watchdog group has requested Catholic devotees joining the Alay-Lakad to Antipolo City on Maundy Thursday to make the penitential walk free of trash and cigarette smoke. At the same time, the group reminded

EcoWaste Coalition Finds Toxic Lead in Some Religious Statues

Lead, a neurotoxic chemical impinging on brain function and development, was detected in some religious sculpture with paint coatings. The EcoWaste Coalition, a toxics watchdog, made the discovery after screening religious statues bought today,  Palm Sunday, the

QC Environmentalists Caution City Government against Falling into the Incineration Trap

Quezon City-based zero waste advocates expressed dismay over a resolution adopted by the City Council asking the House of Representatives to lift the ban on waste incineration under two of the country’s foremost environmental laws. Von Hernandez,