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EcoWaste Coalition, Barangays Call for Garbage-Free Fiesta

Environmentalists and local leaders from communities surrounding the Quiapo Church, the home of the venerated image of the Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno (NPJN), have appealed to all devotees and visitors to work for a “ maroon and

Public Warned Against Air Pollution from Firecrackers and Fireworks

  The EcoWaste Coalition, an environmental network, and the Philippine College of Chest Physicians (PCCP), an association of pulmonologists, today jointly warned the public about the health hazards posed by firecrackers and fireworks. Together with Buklod Tao,

Pet Animals and Kids Join “Iwas Paputoxic” Drive vs. Pyrotechnics

Environmental, church and animal welfare advocates today assembled together with their pets in front of Malate Catholic Church to call on Filipinos to shun firecrackers and fireworks during the New Year revelries. The EcoWaste Coalition and the

Watchdog Says: Watch Out for Toxic New Year Lucky Charms

With the New Year just around the corner, an environmental and health watchdog reminded believers in good luck charms to be extra careful when buying such auspicious articles. The EcoWaste Coalition issued the reminder after detecting high

Environmental and Health Advocates Marched on the Streets to Campaign for an Injury-free, Garbage-Free and Pollution-Free New Year

              With less than a week before a historic year comes to an end, environmental and health advocates from the government and the civil society on Thursday went out on the

EcoWaste Coalition Hails Lead Control Policy as Best Christmas Gift to Filipino Kids

A new chemical regulation will prevent and reduce childhood exposure to lead in paint and other pollution sources, environmentalists said today. The EcoWaste Coalition, an environmental network of over 150 groups promoting zero waste, chemical safety and

Public Cautioned against Using Paint Brushes for BBQ

As Christmas parties and reunions are held left and right, an environmental and health watchdog cautioned the public against using paint brushes in food preparations, particularly for barbecuing meat. The EcoWaste Coalition issued the reminder amid the

Public Urged: Tone Down on What You Consume and Throw or Have a Garbage-Free Christmas

The unrestricted consumption and disposal during the festive season is sure to choke dump trucks and dumpsites to the brim unless we learn to be “happy with less and pare down to the essentials,” a Zero Waste

Public Cautioned against Improper Disposal of Mercury-Containing Lamp Waste

  As Filipinos spruce up their homes in preparation for Christmas and the New Year, a waste and pollution watchdog reminded the public against improper disposal of waste fluorescent lamps, which can damage human health and the

Toxic Lead Found in Plastic Table Covers

Mantel, the plastic table cover used in many homes and eateries, contain lead and other health damaging chemicals that are kept secret to consumers. The EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watchdog group, made the disclosure after