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Use of Lead-Containing Plastic Net Bags to Squeeze Coconut Milk Alarms Group

Net bags laced with lead (top) and net bags with no detectable levels of lead and other chemicals of concern (bottom) The use of lead-containing reusable plastic net bags in place of cheesecloth in the extraction of coconut

Watchdog Applauds Anti-Corruption Protestors for Clean Assembly

(Photo by Kristine Sabillo, PDI) The EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watchdog, lauded every Juan and Juana de la Cruz who went to Luneta yesterday to denounce the anomalous pork barrel system for leaving the park

Environmental Advocates Wield Broomsticks to Sweep Away Pork Barrel Scammers and Systemic Corruption

Some 100 advocates for environmental health and justice today linked arms with other citizens in Luneta for the “Million People March” to denounce the corruption-plagued pork barrel system.   Brandishing walis tingting (coconut midriff broomsticks) and a

P10-B Wasted Pork Barrel Could Have Funded Solutions to Nation’s Garbage Woes

(Cartoon by Roni Santiago) The P10-billion pork barrel funds that have gone astray could have helped in financing solutions to the country’s perpetual garbage woes. The EcoWaste Coalition stressed this point as communities inundated by relentless monsoon

EcoWaste Coalition to Anti-Corruption Crusaders: No Smoking, No Littering in Luneta

(Courtesy of Philippine Star) An environmental organization that is one with angry citizens in denouncing the anomalous pork barrel system has made an appeal to all who will gather on Monday for the “Million People March”:  “huwag

Environmentalists Join Public Fury vs. Pork Barrel Scam

(Courtesy of Cebu Daily News) Environmentalists have joined the rising chorus of discontent and outrage over the multi-billion peso fraudulent use of congressional pork barrel allotments, or what is formally known as the Priority Development Assistance Fund

EcoWaste Coalition Urges NSWMC to Check on Conditions of Garbage Transfer Stations, Dumpsites and Landfills Following Severe Rains and Floods

The EcoWaste Coalition, an environmental network promoting zero waste and public health, urged national and local governmental agencies to inspect all garbage transfer stations, dumpsites and landfills in Metro Manila and adjacent provinces following intense monsoon rains

EcoWaste Coalition Finds 45 Mercury-Contaminated Sking Whitening Creams On Sale in 9 Cities

  (Top: 11 mercury-laden skin whitening cosmetics that the EcoWaste Coalition has recommended for banning; bottom: 45 mercury-tainted cosmetics found by the group in test buys conducted in nine cities.) Cosmetics that promise to make skin complexion lighter

Public Urged to Take Precaution against Mercury Exposure following Fabella Spill

(Photo by Rene H. Dilan, Manila Times) One week after the lamentable mercury spill at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, a waste and pollution  watchdog urged the general public to be mindful of the other mercury 

EcoWaste Coalition Warns Consumers vs. Mercury, Lead and Arsenic in Some Lipsticks

(Lipsticks with arsenic, lead and mercury levels above the ASEAN Cosmetics Directive’s limits.)   An environmental and health watchdog has cautioned the public against secret chemicals lurking in lipsticks that consumers, particularly women, fondly use to have rosy, luscious and alluring