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Groups Call Attention to “Very Unhealthy” Air due to Firecrackers and Fireworks

As the countdown to the New Year approaches, various groups on Sunday drew attention to the health-damaging pollutants discharged from the blasting of firecrackers and fireworks.   In a bid to persuade the public to shift to

Animals and Animal Rights Advocates Join “Iwas PapuToxic” Drive

An “Iwas PapuToxic” get-together of humans and their pets in Quezon City added an “animal flavor” to the heightened efforts by the government and the civil society to dissuade the public to say no to firecrackers and

Watchdog Appeals to the Public Not to Trash Rizal Park

A waste and pollution watchdog sought the active cooperation of the public in keeping Rizal Park free of holiday trash, or what the group calls as “holitrash.” The EcoWaste Coalition made the earnest appeal following a disclosure

DOH, EcoWaste Coalition Go Out in the Streets to Campaign for Safe New Year Revelry

Environmental and health campaigners from the government and the civil society on Thursday held a lively parade exhorting local communities to usher in the New Year in a safe way sans perilous firecrackers and fireworks. With the

EcoWaste Coalition: Reuse and Recycle to Keep Christmas Gift Packaging Out of Dumpsites and Landfills

On the eve of Christmas Day, a zero waste advocacy group urged the public to keep and reuse gift packaging and not to simply rip, crumple and toss such useful resources in the trash bin. Foreseeing bigger

EcoWaste Coalition: Beware of Play Cosmetics Laced with Highly Toxic Mercury

Toy cosmetics containing highly toxic mercury should not be given as Christmas gifts to children, a toxics watchdog warned today. The EcoWaste Coalition urged consumers to refrain from buying such toy cosmetics, and not to give related

“Feed Mother Earth This Christmas” – EcoWaste Coalition

In the midst of celebration and feasting this Christmas Season, Zero Waste advocacy network EcoWaste Coalition tells the public that Mother Earth would be happy to feast with us by providing her with her favorite food –compost

Eco Groups Clamor for Reduced “Holitrash” as Holiday Consumerism Maxes Out

In response to the unsightly piles of mixed garbage defiling the streets of Divisoria and other popular Christmas shopping hubs, Zero Waste advocates called on both the government and the public to strictly implement R.A. 9003, the

EcoWaste Coalition’s 7th Iwas-PapuToxic Drive Launched “Gangnam Style” at Cubao Elementary School

Environmental and health advocates from the EcoWaste Coalition, together with hundreds of students of Cubao Elementary School (CES) in Quezon City, kicked off their annual drive against the use of firecrackers by holding an on-campus noise barrage

Manila Vendors Defy Ban on Mercury-Loaded Cosmetics

Not yet banned, mercury-laced Bihuayn Whitening Cream at G2 R. Hidalgo St. Seven of the eight banned mercury-laden cosmetics sold in Manila. Banned Bai Li Tou Hong at JDA Chinese Drug Store, Plaza Miranda. Banned Bai Li