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New Year Revellers Cautioned against Air Pollution from Firecrackers and Fireworks

An organization of environmental health advocates has teamed up with the country’s pulmonary experts in advising the public about the health risks associated with firecrackers and fireworks as the New Year’s eve revelry approaches. The EcoWaste Coalition,

“Dogs” and “Cats” Rally vs Firecrackers and Fireworks, Lament “Acoustical Torture”

“Dogs” and “cats”, along with their human friends, peaceably assembled outside the Manila Zoo to send their message loud and clear: firecrackers and fireworks are hazardous to animal health. Since real dogs and cats cannot speak for

Global Study Detects Harmful Chemicals in Bedroom Dust that can Harm Human Health As you spruce up your home, particularly your bedroom, in preparation for the New Year, have you ever asked what is on your household dust? A global study has determined the presence of environmental toxicants in

Malate Kids March for Safe New Year’s Eve Festivities

Less than a week before an eventful year comes to an end, a band of cheerful children today went out on the streets of Malate in the city of Manila to promote a kid-safe celebration of the

“Money is not for burning, send it south to help Sendong survivors”

On the eve of Christmas Day, an environmental health group urged Filipinos from all walks of life to celebrate the holidays without firecrackers and fireworks and to channel the money saved to support disaster relief and rehabilitation

EcoWaste Coalition Raises Concern over Toxic Pollution from Firecrackers and Fireworks

Is the toxic cocktail worth the colorful and dazzling show? The EcoWaste Coalition, a toxics watchdog, raised this question after finding significant quantities of metallic elements in all the 11 firecrackers bought from street vendors in Divisoria,

Green Group Calls for Simple Christmas Celebration as Sendong Survivors Grieve, Pushes Cancellation of Firework Shows

Simple Christmas: Members of the EcoWaste Coalition urge the general public to opt for simple Christmas celebrations sans lavish parties, toxic fireworks and gargantuan quantities of trash and to share the money saved to help the Sendong

EcoWaste Coalition Calls for “Simpleng Pasko” as Sendong Flashflood Deaths Soar

A citizens’ environmental watchdog today gathered in Plaza Miranda in front of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila to urge the public to celebrate Christmas sans extravagance and wastefulness in deference to the

Cancellation of Firework Shows Pushed as Sendong Disaster Death Toll Rises

(Photco courtesy of AFP) A religious leader, a political statesman and a chemical safety activist have proposed a commonsensical way of raising funds to help the Sendong tragedy survivors in Mindanao: cancel the firework shows. In a

Beware of Chemical Toxins in Glasses, Mugs and Plates

A waste and pollution watchdog that has played a key role in exposing hazardous chemicals in children’s products today bared another potential source of toxic exposure: the glasses, mugs and plates on your table. The EcoWaste Coalition