Monthly Archive:: August 2011

Learn from Baguio City “Garbageslide,” LGUs told

The collapse of Baguio City’s monstrous garbage repository that killed at least five people prompted the EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watchdog, to press anew for effective closure and rehabilitation of dumpsites nationwide. Last Saturday, the

Environmental Health Group Pitches More Ideas for Anti-Dengue Campaign

An environmental watchdog has put forward more ideas as public and private groups intensify grassroots-level drive versus dengue-carrying mosquitoes. The EcoWaste Coalition, which earlier pushed for “source elimination” as best strategy to combat dengue, is now proposing

EcoWaste Coalition Blasts Illegal Sale of Banned Whitening Cosmetics in 8 Cities

A group assisting the government in weeding out mercury-laced cosmetics from the market slammed the cruel sale of skin whitening creams previously recalled for posing “imminent danger or injury” to consumers. The EcoWaste Coalition criticized defiant retailers

Toxic Watchdog Alarmed by Rugby Sniffing in Metro Streets

The EcoWaste Coalition, a toxic watchdog, exhorted the authorities not to turn a blind eye to the unchecked sale of toluene-based rugby glue to out-of-school youth. “Despite the ban on over-the-counter sale of rugby glue, we still

Report: Dangerous Chemicals Detected in 29% of 435 Children’s Products Tested

Environmental health researchers have analyzed 435 children’s products sold in the Philippines such as toys, accessories, cosmetics, and school supplies, detecting dangerous chemicals in 124 of the 435 samples tested (29%). The report ‘Toxic Metals in Children’s

EcoWaste Coalition Lauds Bookstore Chain for Taking Action vs Toxic Children’s Products

The EcoWaste Coalition commended the National Book Store (NBS), the country’s largest bookstore chain, for taking action against children’s products laced with dangerous chemicals. In a statement, the toxic watchdog lauded the NBS for pulling out from

EcoWaste Coalition Condemns Death Threats to Staff/Volunteers

We, members of the public interest network EcoWaste Coalition that champions health and environmental justice, condemn the death threats to our colleague Mr. Rey Palacio, his wife Evangeline and their 11-year old daughter, who are also our

Green Groups Denounce Death Threats against Zero Waste Advocates

Environmental and health justice groups today condemned “in the strongest possible terms” death threats against Zero Waste advocates opposed to the operation of landfills off Manila Bay. Groups led by the EcoWaste Coalition, an independent and nonprofit

EcoWaste Coalition Urges Metro Residents and Transients Not to Dump Trash in Creeks

A pollution watchdog has appealed to Metro Manila’s residents and transients not to dispose of their discards into the streets, canals and creeks. The EcoWaste Coalition repeated its never-ending plea against dumping following a recent report by

Environmental Watchdog Pushes Source Elimination to Stop Dengue Scourge

The EcoWaste Coalition, an environmental health network, today called on the government and the public to go all out for source elimination to beat dengue outbreaks that have afflicted thousands in several hotspots nationwide. “We surely can