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EcoWaste Coalition lists “Green Wishes” for the country in 2011

As the first decade of the new millennium draws to a close, a waste and pollution watchdog drew up a list of green wishes that they would like to see implemented in the Philippines for 2011 and

EcoWaste Coalition Recommends “Ligtas Linis Tips” for Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning

Even as most Filipino families are busy cleaning their households in anticipation of the coming year, a toxic watchdog urged the public to use safer alternatives to avoid health risks due to cleaning chemicals. The EcoWaste Coalition,

EcoWaste Coalition and PAWS appeal to the public to shun firecrackers, stop “mega-torture”of animals

An environmental watchdog and an animal welfare group have teamed up to remind citizens to be kind to our animal friends and protect them from the harmful noise and fumes of firecrackers and other pyrotechnics during the

Post-Christmas Chore: Recycle “Holitrash” for the Planet

Discards from the jolly gift-giving during the holidays need not exacerbate the country’s garbage woes, the EcoWaste Coalition, an advocate for a clean and healthy environment, said. “As caring citizens, we have the choice of cutting down

Malate Children Say “Iwas Paputoxic,” Stage Pre-New Year “Ligtas Salubong” sans Firecrackers

As the rest of the country continued its Christmas celebration, a toxic watchdog and church-based groups today reminded the public, especially the children, to stay away from injurious and highly polluting firecrackers this season. The event, dubbed

“Give Mother Earth a gift this Christmas: watch what you use and throw”

Concerned about the excessive generation of holiday trash, a waste and pollution watchdog and a religious leader today encouraged consumers to give Mother Earth a gift by watching what they use and throw out. The EcoWaste Coalition

EcoWaste Coalition: “Say ‘thank you’ to your neighborhood recyclers this Christmas”

In the last few days of merrymaking and partying before Christmas Day finally arrives, the EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watchdog, called on all Filipino families to say “thank you” to those who reclaim and recycle

Environmentalists Back Precautionary Ban on Firecrackers in Makati City

In support of the firecracker ban enacted by the Makati City government in the area near a damaged petroleum pipeline, the EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watchdog, took to the streets of Barangay Bangkal to call

EcoWaste Coalition Asks for Government Assurance that Only Safe Toys are Sold in the Marketplace

As the grand day of gift-giving nears, a group campaigning against toxins in toys asked the Aquino government to ensure that only safe items will be sold in bargain centers as well as in upmarket stores. The

Toxic watchdog disturbed by continued sale of “suicide cleaner” despite DOH, DENR ban

Quezon City – Disturbed by the continuing trend of suicides using banned silver jewelry cleaners, the EcoWaste Coalition, a toxic watchdog, conducted test buys of the product in seven malls in the metro on December 12 and