Monthly Archive:: February 2010

Public Interest NGO Representative Appointed to Waste Commission

Quezon City. The EcoWaste Coalition lauded the appointment of an experienced advocate and practitioner of sustainable development to an inter-agency body that is tasked by law to protect the public health and the environment from trash and

Citizens’ Groups Seek “Pangulong PATOK” to Protect Children from Toxic Chemicals

Quezon City. “Wanted: Pangulong Ayaw sa Toksik” (President Against Toxics) or “Pangulong PATOK.” This is the fervent plea of citizens’ groups from across the Philippines who challenged all the presidential candidates for the 2010 polls to stand

Wanted: Pangulong PATOK (Pangulong Ayaw sa Toksik/President Against Toxics)

We, citizens’ groups from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, join the EcoWaste Coalition and the Save Babies Coalition in urging the presidential candidates for the 2010 polls – as well as other well-meaning political contenders – to stand

EcoWaste Coalition Pushes Effective Action to Combat Mercury-Tainted Cosmetics

Quezon City. An environmental advocacy group lauded the latest ban on mercury-laced cosmetics even as it pushed for heightened public and private cooperation to protect consumers from toxic harm. The EcoWaste Coalition, a non-governmental network pursuing consumer

Chemical Safety Advocates Laud Global Effort to Eliminate PCBs

Quezon City, Philippines/Bali, Indonesia. Civil society groups promoting chemical safety welcomed the launch today of a global mechanism that will help the Philippines and other countries address a highly toxic industrial chemical pollutant called PCBs or polychlorinated

Residents Unite to Clean-up Ondoy Debris Dumped in Marikina-San Mateo River

Marikina City – More than 150 residents living adjacent to the Nangka River unite to clean-up the debris, soil and mixed garbage brought by typhoon Ondoy but was later dumped by the local government of Marikina City

Environmental and Labor Groups Press for Impartial Probe of Deadly Toxic Incident in Batangas, Push for Chemical Safety in Workplaces

Quezon City. Groups working on environmental health and labor concerns called for an impartial investigation of a recent toxic incident in Bauan, Batangas that killed three workers and forced over 2,000 residents to flee for safety. The

RP Urged to Ratify Protocol to Combat Ocean Pollution

Quezon City. A waste and pollution watchdog today urged the Government of the Philippines to ratify and enforce an international agreement that bans waste dumping and incineration at sea. The EcoWaste Coalition issued the call as public

Green Group Pleas for ‘Tikoy’ for the Poor, Not Firecrackers

Quezon City. To be Chinese and in love on February 14 of this year would be a double red letter day as the Chinese New Year will fall right on Valentine’s Day. The EcoWaste Coaliton, a group

Group Suggests Green Tips to Mark Red-Letter Day

Quezon City. There are as many ways to express love this Valentine’s as there are reasons to love – if only we’d use a little creativity. If you are tired of the usual bunch of roses, chocolates,