Monthly Archive:: December 2009

EcoWaste Coalition Cautions the Public against Burning Tires and Trash in Revelry

Quezon City. A waste and pollution watchdog today warned against the burning of used tires and trash during the New Year revelry to prevent toxic pollutants from endangering the public health, climate and environment. The EcoWaste Coalition

Groups speak out for animal welfare, appeal to public not to burst firecrackers

Manila. If animals are able to place infomercials on TV like politicians do, they would have cried to high heavens for a change in the way Filipinos welcome the New Year with a toxic and ear-splitting bang.

Green Groups Campaign for a Safe and Climate-Friendly Welcome to 2010

Manila. With 2010 just around the corner and the likelihood of bloody and filthy welcome rites happening again for the nth time, green groups today intensified their advocacy for ecological alternatives to firecrackers and fireworks. Latest government

Parents Urged to Take Out Toy Guns in Kids’ Gift List

Quezon City. Parents should refrain from giving replicas of handgun, automatic assault rifle, submachine gun and other weapons of war and violence as Christmas presents to children. Toy guns are sold at popular prices and are favorite

EcoWaste Coalition Rallies the Public to Recycle for Garbage-Free Christmas

Quezon City. “Don’t trash it… rejoice but recycle to protect the climate!” The EcoWaste Coalition has stepped up its advocacy for eco-sensitive holidays with an appeal to each and every Filipino household to reuse and recycle more

Citizens’ Groups Score Leaders’ Failure to Fix the Climate Mess

Quezon City. The failure of the recently-concluded United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to strike a “just, ambitious and legally-binding treaty” continued to draw heavyflak from citizens’ groups. After the CSO Working Group on Climate Change

Bishop and Actress Plea for Simple, Nature-Friendly Christmas

Quezon City. A Catholic bishop and a noted film actress have called on the faithful to mark the birth of the Redeemer with simplicity and a deeper appreciation of our common responsibilityto conserve and protect Mother Earth.

EcoWaste Coalition Steps Up Warning against Toxic Toys

Quezon City – At the height of the Simbang Gabi and Christmas shopping frenzy, the EcoWaste Coalition, a chemicals and toxics safety watchdog, in cooperation with Santuario de San PedroBautista Parish, staged at the church’s patio today,

Forget not the lessons of Ondoy: go reusable this Christmas

Quezon City. For the sake of Mother Earth, please bring your own reusable bag and keep in mind the lessons of Ondoy’s epic flood. Film actress Chin-Chin Gutierrez and the EcoWaste Coalition together aired this plea as

EcoWaste Coalition Implores the Youth to “Say No to Firecrackers” at“Iwas PapuToxic” Campaign Launch

Quezon City. Let us think about the babies and children, sick neighbors, elders, pets and animals, and, not to be counted out, the beleaguered environment and climate, before buying and blasting firecrackers. For a safe and climate-friendly