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Green Groups Push Zero Waste to Create Jobs

Quezon City. Two major health and environmental networks made a pitch for green jobs through innovative Zero Waste programs that create sustainable livelihood from discards. At a seminar held last week in Quezon City that attracted some

Reject Guns, Goons, Gold and Garbage

STATEMENT The women and men of the EcoWaste Coalition, an environmental group promoting eco-friendly polls in 2010, condemn the pre-election carnage in Maguindanao that has so far claimed the lives of 57 defenseless citizens. We view and

Farmers storm Makati offices of banana plantation companies

Makati City – Stop your poison rain. This is the message of Mindanao farmers when they stormed the offices of banana plantation companies in Makati City to continue their campaign to ban aerial spraying which is widely

EcoWaste Coalition Seeks Police Action to Halt Cyanide Poisoning

Quezon City. Almost five months after the government directed the confiscation of toxic silver jewelry cleaners, people continue to die from drinking the cyanide-laced cleaning solutions. The EcoWaste Coalition, an environmental group working for public health and

EcoWaste Coalition: Keep Pinoy Kids Safe from Toxic Gifts

Baclaran, Pasay City. As a precautionary awareness drive for the annual Christmas rush where consumers tend to shop indiscriminately for holiday gifts, Ecowaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watchdog, held an “AlerToxic Day” campaign in the streets

Gift-givers urged to break the plastic habit and use bayong

Quezon City. As local authorities and charities prepare for their “pamaskong handog” (Christmas gifts) to the poor, the EcoWaste Coalition, a waste and pollution watchdog, pleaded for eco-friendly packaging to minimize garbage from the yuletide tradition of

EcoWaste Coalition Backs DOH’s Call for Total Ban on Firecrackers

Quezon City. A health and environmental watchdog has thrown its support behind Health Secretary Duque’s call for a total ban on firecrackers, agreeing with the authorities that the toxic blast to greet the New Year is a

Visiting US Expert Backs Drive for Precautionary Principle to Protect Consumers from Harmful Chemicals

Quezon City. A retired professor of chemistry from New York who has gone to 52 countries promoting Zero Waste and chemical safety has bolstered a citizens’ campaign to uphold the precautionary principle (PP) to protect the consumers

EcoWaste Coalition Scores Politicians for Premature Campaigning

Quezon City. An environmental coalition seeking to cut election campaign-related trash has chided politicians for premature campaigning in the wake of copious political banners that have been mushrooming in Metro Manila and elsewhere. Reacting to the numerous