Monthly Archive:: May 2009

PHOTO: Walk against Smoking!

SHOW THE TRUTH: Pollution prevention advocates from the EcoWaste Coalition join the “World No Tobacco Day” parade in support of Congressional approval of picture-based health warning law to raise awareness on the hazards of tobacco use and

Green Groups Boost Drive for Graphic Tobacco Health Warnings to Curb Use and Pollution

Quezon City. Campaigners for pollution prevention and chemical safety have joined forces with advocates for tobacco control in urging the 14th Congress to rush the approval of picture-based health warnings on cigarettes. Members of the EcoWaste Coalition

Aglipayan Church Oppose Cavite Landfill

TERNATE, Cavite- A bishop and 21 priests of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) have joined the residents of Ternate, Cavite in vehemently opposing the establishment of a “sanitary” landfill within the watershed area of the said town.

Green Groups Back Bill Banning Toxic Chemicals in Toys

Quezon City. Chemical safety advocates from public interest groups have thrown their support behind a bill that will protect children from developmental and reproductive toxicants known as phthalates. The EcoWaste Coalition, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives and

Cardinal Rosales Gives Thumbs Up to Climate-Friendly 2010 Polls: “Our exercise of democracy should not inflict harm on Mother Earth”

Quezon City. The Archbishop of Manila, an acclaimed environmental champion, gave his resounding support to a civil society campaign to green the upcoming local and national elections in 2010. “As the countdown to the May 2010 elections

Green Group Raises Red Flag vs. Toxic School Supplies

Quezon City. As parents shop for new school supplies for the incoming academic year, a public interest group working on chemical safety warned against “toxic buys” that can expose kids to harmful chemicals. The EcoWaste Coalition pressed

Environmentalists Back Bishops and Farmers in Seeking CARP’s Extension

Quezon City. An environmental coalition has joined Archbishop Angel Lagdameo in pushing for Congressional approval of a key legislation on agrarian reform and social justice. Archbishop Lagdameo, who heads the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP),

Bishop, Commissioners, Beauty Queens and Activists Call for Zero Waste

INTRAMUROS, Manila. Three election commissioners, eight pro-environment beauty queens, a church leader and some 65 environmental activists spoke as one in urging political parties and wannabees to think “green” as they woo the “Pinoy” votes. With just

EcoWaste Coalition Pushes Phase Out of Lead in Paints

Quezon City. After eliminating lead in gasoline sold in all service stations throughout the country, a waste and pollution watchdog now wants the government to focus its energy in phasing out lead in paints. The EcoWaste Coalition

EcoWaste Coalition Seeks Ban on Sale of Cyanide-Containing Jewelry Cleaners

Quezon City. The wave of chemical poisonings and deaths due to accidental or intentional intake of silver jewelry cleaners prompted a chemical safety group to press the government to ban its sale. “Cyanide-bearing silver jewelry cleaners have