Monthly Archive:: February 2009

Watchdog Calls for Full Enforcement of Ban on Open Burning

Quezon City. Out of sight, out of mind. This has been the waste predicament facing our nation for the longest time, particularly when it comes to conveniently burning away the evidence of wasteful lifestyle. But is open

EcoWaste Coalition Says NO to BNPP!

EcoWaste Coalition joins Bishop Soc Villegas and the hundreds of citizens of Bataan in denouncing the planned commissioning of the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. The mass protest which was led by the Diocese of Balanga was

Voluntary Standards Not Enough to Protect Kids from Unhealthy Foods

Quezon City. A voluntary certification program is not enough to combat non-communicable diseases among children and ensure their right to safe and healthy food products. The EcoWaste Coalition, an advocate for human and ecological health, aired this

Environmentalists Sue San Mateo Officials for Dumping in Watershed

San Mateo, Rizal- Concerned environmentalists andcitizens yesterday went to court to sue San Mateo Mayor Jose Rafael Diaz and Barangay Captain Cecilia Laceste for the illegal dumping in the Marikina watershed that is happening right under their

EcoWaste Coalition Gives Thumbs Down to BNPP

Quezon City. A waste and pollution watchdog has added its voice to a soaring multi-sectoral movement challenging attempts to commission the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP). In a statement issued by its Steering Committee, the EcoWaste

Groups Back Bayong Making as Green Job Solution

Quezon City. The EcoWaste Coalition and the Miss Earth Foundation have thrown their support behind the plan of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to invest in community-based bayong enterprises. The green groups expressed confidence that

Green Groups Promote Eco-Friendly, Toxics-Free Valentine’s Day

Quezon City. Multi-awarded actress and environmental champion Chin-Chin Gutierrez led a pre-Valentine event by environmental groups at the National Ecology Center and Mini-Forest Park in Quezon City to campaign for an eco-friendly, toxics-free Valentine’s Day, sharing tips

Letter: Wasteland

Why do we always have to be the ones to suffer? I can’t help but ask this question, being a resident of San Mateo for more than 35 years and having witnessed the grandeur of our environment

New Study Raises Concern over Mercury Pollution from Burning Products

Quezon City- A new study released today around the world shows that the burning of mercury-added products contributes upwards of 200 tons of mercury to the atmosphere every year, comprising 10 percent of the mercury that enters

DOH Urged to Prevent Women’s Exposure to Hormone Disruptors

Quezon City. An environmental alliance working on chemical safety policy reforms today called on Health Secretary Duque to initiate measures that will prevent women’s exposure to hormone-mimicking chemicals. The EcoWaste Coalition aired this request for action as