Monthly Archive:: April 2008

EcoWaste Coalition Bats for Clean Recycling to Ensure Workers’ Health and Safety

Quezon City. As the “World Day for Safety and Health at Work” is observed on 28 April, a waste and pollution watchdog renewed its plea for the protection of the informal sector against dirty recycling practices. The

UN-Backed Project vs Cancer-Causing Chemicals Launched

Quezon City. The Philippines has taken a historic move that will address the serious health and environmental threats from the country’s stockpiles of obsolete industrial chemicals found mainly in old electrical transformers. Representatives of the government, industry

100 Green Tips to Cool Planet

MANILA, Philippines- In observance of Earth Day on Tuesday, the environmental group Ecowaste Coalition issued 100 “green tips” on how earthlings could help cool the planet and address the problem of climate change. Using a “bayong” (woven

Citizens’ Coalition Vows to Escalate Action against JPEPA

Quezon City- Two weeks before the scheduled release of the committee report on the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), members of the church, the academe, and more than 25 civil society organizations gathered at the University of

Groups Condemn President’s Veto of Debt Service cut

A group of civil society organizations condemned today the president’s veto of the provision in the General Appropriations Act which put on hold the paying of interest for questionable loans, including that which bankrolled the substandard Austrian

Green Group Urges Farmers Not to Burn Rice Straws

Quezon City. As the country’s paddy fields turn gold in time for the harvest season, a waste and pollution watchdog appealed to farmers not to burn dayami (rice straws) from the estimated seven million metric tons of

Tourism Industry Urged to Respond to the Waste and Climate Crisis

Quezon City. With the anticipated increase in the number of local and foreign tourists visiting hotels and resorts during the summer break, the EcoWaste Coalition urged the tourism industry to take up the cudgels for Mother Earth.

EcoWaste Coalition Issues Water “Tipid” Tips

Quezon City. As the weather turns hotter and the public consumption of water climbs up, the environmental advocacy group EcoWaste Coalition has come up with some handy suggestions to guide Filipino consumers on how to save water