Monthly Archive:: February 2008

Protestors Urged to Make ‘Communal Action’ Litter-Free

Quezon City. As various groups plan more street protest activities in response to the brewing corruption crisis plaguing the Arroyo administration, the EcoWaste Coalition requests organizers to take serious action to prevent unchecked littering in rallies. The

Atienza, Other Officials Warned for Non-Closure of DumpsTambakan ng Basura, Sobra na, Tama na, Ipasara!

Quezon City, Philippines- Environment groups and leaders of communities adversely affected by the continued operation of garbage dumpsites beyond the 2006 deadline warn the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Metro Manila Development Authority, andlocal government officials

Citizens’ Coalitions Urged GMA Not to Veto Debt Service Cuts in 2008 Budget

QUEZON CITY- As the Senate inquiry on the NBN-ZTE scandal sizzles, civil society groups assembled today in front of a government hospital in Quezon City to draw attention to another illegitimate debt and to oppose any presidential

EcoWaste Coalition Sounds the Alarm Bell over Low Public Awareness of Waste Law

Quezon City. The environmental advocacy group EcoWaste Coalition expressed shock over the dismally low public awareness of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act seven years after it was signed into a law. The Social Weather Survey commissioned

Green Group Says “Let Our Red Hearts Turn Green”

Quezon City. As Filipino romantics get set for their Valentine gimmicks, an environmental advocacy group called attention to the Pinoy´s growing appetite for disposables as a scourge on the environment and the climate. The EcoWaste Coalition, a

Green Groups Laud Sen. Villar’s Plan to Reject JPEPA over Toxic Waste Provisions

Quezon City- Environmental groups welcomed the position of Senate President Manny Villar to reject the controversial Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) over theinclusion of toxic wastes in the mega-treaty. “We are heartened by Sen. Villar’s public commitment