Monthly Archive:: June 2007

Landfill threatens Cebu’s watershed

TALISAY CITY, Cebu- Residents and ecogroups are alarmed with the continuous operation of the city’s “sanitary” landfill inside a watershed area and the risks it pose to the environment and health of the people of Cebu. The

Green Gropus Support Breastfeeding

QUEZON CITY, Philippines- Environmentalist threw their support behind the shared effort of the government and the civil society to promote and protect breastmilk, the most healthy and ecologically sound food for babies. Waste and pollution activists belonging

Green Group Calls for No Idling at Schools

QUEZON CITY, Philippines. Unknown to most parents, the unnecessary idling of vehicles that pick up children after school can endanger the health of kids as idling cars release harmful fumes that increases the risk of asthma and

Senate Asked to Junk JPEPA

PASAY CITY- As Senators of the 13th Congress meet for their final session starting today, community and environmental activists gathered at the Senate gate to restate their opposition against the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) in light